Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream - Review

I confess I have purchased maybe 3 or 4 tubes of this even though it is not one of my favourite products. The current tube is pretty squeezed up and I have decided I am not planning to buy another.

I bought my first tube when I was introduced to Dr. Hauschka products. I had decided I was sick and tired of still have breakouts at my age and there had to be something on the market that would end the vicious cycle and I didn't give a damn what the cost was. This is the cleanser that is recommended if you have oily or combination skin. I really don't think they should be calling this a cleanser first of all. It is a mild exfoliator. When I use this and I still have makeup on, it hardly removes any makeup. If I pass a cotton ball with toner over my face afterwards, a lot of makeup comes off still. That is the main complaint that I have about this product. You need to wash your face with something else before or after you use this. Dr. Hauschka does not have any cleanser in their product line that truly is a cleanser. So any way you slice it, you are buying a cleanser from another brand for your skincare routine.

Even if you take all of you makeup off first with makeup remover and then use this, your face still feels not right, not clean. This product smells mildy nutty. The main ingredient is almond meal so if you are allergic to nuts you may wish to pass on this product. I find I prefer to use this in the morning than at night for the makeup removal reason.

If I decided to rank this as an exfoliator only, based on that merit, this product still falls short of the mark. It is soothing, gentle and calming to your skin. So I can see if your skin was inflamed or in the midst of a breakout, this certainly might help. I know my skin inproved quickly when I started used strictly Dr. Hauschka skincare products. So it does help if you had my problem. However, there are much better exfoliators on the market - both synthetic and natural based.

Finally, the price is ridiculous and I have no idea why I have spent so much money on this. It's around $27 a tube and you get only 50 ml. If you use this religiously, you will blast threw a tube very quickly. Dr. Hauschka's website even says it should only last 3 weeks with regular use. So $27 every 3 weeks is a lot of clams for a cleanser that doesn't cleanse and is really an ok exfoliator. I use this maybe once or twice a month now and my skin is so improved over the last couple of years that I know this product isn't the reason I have maintained my skin. Therefore, my cruurent tube will likely be my last.

Rating: 4/10

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