Saturday, 4 February 2012

Smashbox Eye Shadow Singles Shell and Minx - Review and Swatches

Top pic is Shell on the left and Minx on the right. On my arm is Minx on the top and Shell on the bottom. These are the only two Smashbox eye shadows in the single pan that I own. I also have a Smashbox palette but I think that is a different animal altogether so I will save that for another review. Each pan is 1.7g so that is pretty decent. I am not jazzed by the packaging. The top screws off. I guess then they have a better chance of staying together in your purse but I prefer the cute flip top that MAC has. Okay, I am biased I know. If you need to use them in a hurry, the screw tops are a pain in my opinion.

I got these two as a buy one get one free promotion at my local drugstore. So how could I resist? I think they are $16-$20 each. Not chump change. The pigment is pretty decent on these. They are very creamy and yet very powdery at the same time. I have never seen eye shadow quite like it. I am sure you could skip the brush and apply these with your fingers if you felt the burning desire. They have a lot of fallout I find when you apply them and they tend to go all over the place with ease. I find it hard to use these if I am doing detailed eye work. They work best as an all over wash of colour or if you want a messy crease look. The colour moves around easily but the saying power of them is suspect if you want to blend them in a precise area with another colour, they can wash out. These catch the light though like crazy on your eyes like few eye shadows I have ever seen. There is something unique about them.  

They do, however, feel nice on the skin and they have some gorgeous colours. Minx looked like a purple brown in the store but is more brown with some purple in real life. Shell is a warm golden peach. I would rather buy a MAC eyeshadow any day over these, but I can see why they are not budget eye shadows. These are far superior to practically all budget drug store eye shadows. They last on your eyes all day with a primer and I have heard they do without too.

Rating: 7/10

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