Thursday, 29 November 2012

Makeup Geek MUG Eyeshadows in Gold Digger and Cinderella - Review and Swatches

I have ordered a whole bunch of Makeup Geek eyeshadows lately and I have all of them to review! Some I haven't had the chance to try yet, so bear with me! Today, I am going to be talking about Gold Digger which is on the left above and Cinderella which is on the right above.

I am very picky about gold coloured eyeshadow. I find it tricky to pull off unless your skin is warm toned. I try to look for neutral golds or cool golds for myself. I would say Gold Digger is maybe a neutral gold. I don't know why I bought this eyeshadow. I really loved the swatch on the Makeup Geek website and I decided to try it. At $5.99 U.S. each, it's just too tempting. Anyway, I love this colour. I was very impressed. Looks great alone with black gel winged liner. It looks like you spent quality time doing your makeup when you only swiped it on quickly. This is definitely one of MUG's best colours. It is very pigmented and glides on like a dream. It practically blends itself and is crazy long-wearing. I think anyone could pull off this colour.

Gold Digger (L) and Cinderella (R)

Cinderella has been compared by the MUG folks to MAC's Jest. I think when you look at the product just in the pan, it's a maybe. On me though, the colour looks really pink, whereas MAC's Jest is really peachy coral. I think I bought this colour by accident and I wanted another one and got confused. This colour is very pigmented as well and blends easily. The colour is growing on me, but with my complexion I am not so sure it looks great. It's bordering on making me look a tad sickly. I would recommend wearing a darker eyeshadow colour with this one in the crease to balance it out. This colour would really pop and look fantastic on someone who is very dark skinned. I can totally see someone like Iman wearing this colour and looking amazing. So if you have dark skin, this may be the eyeshadow you have always wanted! The quality of this colour is exceptional.

It's really weird, but I have a few Makeup Geek eyeshadows which I really don't like and there are tons that are really good quality, go to colours. I guess that happens with any eyeshadow line. On that note, I might do my top 5 and bottom 5 MUG eyeshadows one of these days....once I finally try all of the ones that I have that is!

Rating: Gold Digger 10/10
Rating: Cinderella 9/10 (the colour is not for everyone)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Contest Time! Big EOS Disney Alice in Wonderland Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

I'm doing a wonderful giveaway over the next couple of weeks. I am giving away 5 sets (yes I said 5 sets!) of eos smooth spheres. These lip balms are a special limited edition twosome from eos' partnership with Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Both flavours have adorable "hidden" Mickey ears. Each set that I am giving away will contain one Sweet Vanilla Nonsense and a Watermelon Wonderland.

These would make great stocking stuffers! If you are one of my five winners, I will mail you a set to anywhere in the world. All you have to do to enter the contest is officially follow my blog (i.e., become a member) and leave a comment below this post/blog telling me which Alice in Wonderland character is your favourite. Mine is the Cheshire Cat, that goes without saying! That's right, these adorable eos lip balms could be yours free if you are one of my lucky 5 winners! The contest will run until 8pm EST on Sunday, December 9, 2012. I will put the names of everyone who enters into a hat and will have my husband draw the names. I will announce the winners on my blog that night!

Thank you all for reading my blog and good luck! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Each of this collection’s Smooth Sphere Lip Balms are:
100% natural and USDA certified organic
Revolutionary smooth sphere applies directly on lips, so it’s more hygienic than pot lip balms
Soft-touch, ergonomic, recyclable packaging is easy to to find in even the largest of bags
Filled with moisturizing shea butter and jojoba oil
Not tested on animals

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Best Makeup Trick I Have Learned On the Internet!

I like to think I know quite a few makeup tricks, but the one makeup trick I sure as heck didn't know, and never thought of, was so simple it's crazy. I learned it online. I apologize for my eye looking a tad droopy above. It's not the best angle. Also, it's best if you use a darker shade of brown than I did for the best effect. I was playing with a new brown eyeshadow that turned out to be too light for my purposes, what can I say?

If you want your eyes too look defined, yet a bit natural, with no harsh lines or an "over made up" look, tightline your lower lash line with brown eyeshadow. This works best if you are using black on your upper lash line for serious definition, but you don't want the same effect on your lower lash line. In other words, you don't want an overall "harsh" look like black liner everywhere. For those of your who are familiar with Kate Middleton's (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) penchant for harsh eyeliner lines last year, this is the look we are trying to avoid. I have noticed that someone recently finally handed that woman a smudger brush, thank heavens....

I digress. My point is that I would have never thought to wear black above and brown below on the lash line. No clue why, it makes perfect sense. If you haven't already tried it, you should! This looks good on all eye colours.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Klorane Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover with Cornflower Water Sensitive Eyes Waterproof - Review

Some of you know that I was impressed with the original Klorane eye make-up remover that I purchased in the massive bottle with the pump top dispenser. Please see the link below:

After using a couple of bottles of that stuff this past year, I recently purchased another one of their eye make-up removers which left me less than impressed. It was the non-waterproof version of the product above. The link for that review is:

So fast forward to the present. I decided to try the waterproof make-up remover pictured above. Ugh. This product is such a pain in the ass. It isn't a liquid, it is like hand lotion or cream. The idea is that you put it on a cotton ball (a generous amount) and wipe it onto your eyes. If you get a little in your eyes, it stings. Not badly, but it stings. I don't like that. Also, if you don't use a good sized dollop, it is like wiping your eye with a raw cotton pad. The stuff absorbs right into the cotton pad. Now if you do use enough, this does take all of your makeup off, and all of your mascara, but you need to repeat this messy, troublesome application at least 2-3 times. Then you are left with greasy, lotion smeared eyes! I usually end up wetting the cotton pad each and every time to make the product go farther and work faster. This is a definite will not repurchase. I really am not sure how to rate this since it does work, but it is a pain to use like I said. I think I paid around $12 or so for this bottle and it contains 100ml or 3.31 oz.

Rating: 4/10  

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Origins Never A Dull Moment Skin-Brightening Face Cleanser - Review

I am one of those people who is forever locked into an eternal search for the perfect face wash. I can't find one. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I always find that a face wash is too gentle or too harsh, suds too much, suds too little, doesn't remove enough makeup and/or dirt, smells funny, doesn't help my blemishes, doesn't make my skin feel clean or doesn't exfoliate my skin enough. Sigh. It truly is tiring just thinking about it. Because I love most of Origins products, I thought I would give this a go. I am not crazy about it. Let's just clear this up now.

This product is too gentle. It hardly removes any dirt or makeup. If I run a cotton pad with toner over my face after I have used this, it is insane what is still coming off of my face. It's like I never washed my face at all. This is not a face wash to use before bed or at the end of the day. It does nothing for any blemishes that I may have and it sure doesn't appear to get rid of any dead cells on my face.

This is an ok face wash for first thing in the morning, or if you are hanging around the house all day and just want to give your face a refreshing mild wash. I am not crazy about the smell, it's kind of like rotten citrus. Funnily enough, one of the first ingredients is bitter orange. I just noticed that now! Ha!

This product does not lather well at all. To rub in all over and into the skin you need a face cloth or a facial sponge or something. Your hands are not going to do it. I will not repurchase. This is $23 Canadian and a couple of bucks less U.S. I would imagine. I'm just not feeling this product at all.

Rating: 3/10

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Smashbox Master Class Eyeshadow Quad in Color Hazel - Review and Swatches

Behold the Smashbox Master Class Ultimate Eye Palette Quad in the Colour Hazel as in for hazel eyes. No, I don't have hazel eyes, but I sure liked the look and price of this quad. I would describe the colours as smokey plums. I bought this quad on a few months back for $13 Canadian. I kid you not. It was $10 U.S. This is not a small palette. The total product weight is 7.794g or 0.273 oz. That's a lot of eyeshadow! This was a deal I could not pass up.

I feel silly saying anything negative about the palette since it was the deal of the century. Nevertheless, I do real reviews on this blog so I have to persevere. There are no colour names on this palette and I have a feeling that the colours may be in other Smashbox quads or singles. I am not well versed enough in Smashbox products to begin to hazard a guess. The matte cream colour is a nice colour but is the least pigmented of the four. I like it as a brow highlight but it is a bit too thin as a lid colour on it's own or as an overall wash. It fades quickly too.

The two smokey silver plum colurs are very nice and are flattering. My main complaint would be that the lighter of the two loses its shimmer or shine quickly, soon after it is applied. The colour stays on though. The darker of these two silver purple smokey colurs is gorgeous. All four colours are super soft but as a result are crumbly which is annoying. I find most Smashbox eyeshadows have this problem. There is a little fallout, but nothing extreme. The dark purple matte colour is the best of the bunch. I think it and I will have many good times together for a long time to come.

The swatches below are top left to bottom left of the quad picture above in a clockwise direction. I hope that makes sense. I am sure from the photo you can figure it out.

All in all, despite my complaints, this is a very pretty quad and a phenomonal bargain. Sephora has sold out of them from the looks of things. Smashbox's website has it still for sale as part of a kit and of course the price is more expensive as a result. If you like these colours and can get your hands on this for a good price, go for it!.

Rating: 8/10 (the price is right)

Friday, 16 November 2012

MyTop Go To Blushes - MAC Blushbaby, Tarte Exposed and Tarte Dollface with Swatches

Today, I want to talk about my Go To blushes. These are my favourites and they are my favourites for the very reason that they are solid colours that go with most makeup looks. These are my no brainers. Sure, there are prettier blush colours out there, but they don't necessarily go with every eye look or with every skin tone. I think these three would look good on most people, regardless of their skin tone. When I am in doubt about what blush to use, I reach for one of these three. If I lost all of my blush tomorrow, it is these three that I would repurchase first. All 3 are solid buys and even though they are expensive, they are well worth the money. I know I will have each of these for a very long time and already have.

Above I have Tarte's Exposed on the left, MAC's Blushbaby in the middle and Tarte's Dollface on the right. Tarte's Exposed is described by Tarte as nude. It really is a nude brown berry if that makes any sense. This colour instantly warms up your face and gives you a nice healthy look. This does double duty as a bronzer. It does not look muddy or too orange. This blush is $25 U.S. or $33 Canadian and you get 5.6g or 0.20 oz. of product.

 MAC's Blushbaby was either the first or second MAC blush I ever bought. I thought it looked like my colour and was subtle, not too loud. It reminds me of Clinique's Mocha Pink (and is likely a dupe) which I wore non-stop in university when I went out pubbing or clubbing. I have no qualms with Mocha Pink other than I am not crazy about the rectangular packaging and may purchase it again someday. Out of these three, this one is probably my favourite and is the blush that looks best on me. To save some money I would suggest purchasing the pro palette refill of this which is $17 U.S or $20 Canadian. The blush in the compact is $21 U.S. and $24 Canadian. You get 6g or 0.21 oz. of product. I like this particular blush in a compact because it is easier to travel with or throw in your purse. Other MAC blushes that I don't use so often are better to get in the pro palette refill.

Tarte's Dollface is a nice bright light blue pink. This instantly brightens up my face and lifts my mood on a cold winter's day. Tarte's blushes are very pigmented so you don't need much on your brush. You will use this product sparingly. When I want to look or feel "cute" or "sweet" I chose this blush. This colour makes your skin look more like porcelain if you have a fair or light complexion. This blush is $25 U.S. or $33 Canadian and you get 5.6g or 0.20 oz. of product.

Left swatch is Tarte's Exposed, in the middle is MAC's Blushbaby and the right swatch is Tarte's Dollface.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in 45 Bold Gold - Review and Swatch

As some of you know I have already done 2 reviews on 2 other Maybelline Colour Tattoo colours. This one, 45 Bold Gold, is so far the worst of the batch. My reviews on the other two, Bad to the Bronze and Edgy Emerald are linked below:

I have a fourth one to try so hold on to your hats folks! Bold Gold should be called No Gold. It has the worst payoff of any product that I have tried in months. It swatches quite well which is disturbing, but when applied to my eyelid, it becomes instantly sheer and the coverage does not appear buildable. Here is the swatch:

Then we have reality. I have tried applying 3 coats if you will and it makes no difference. I have tried it with and without eyeshadow primer. This product on its own does not crease by the way. This is one of the few bonuses. I got this on sale for $5.99 at my local drug store and it is not really even worth that. I am wearing three coats on the picture below. Prepare to be shocked.

 It's like I am wearing nothing at all! You get a little shimmer action, but that's it. Hardly worth applying. Does Maybelline not test their products before putting them on the market? Is this a joke? Am I on candid camera? I am going to go ahead and recommend that you don't buy this colour. The other Color Tattoos that I have bought have far better pigmentation. Maybe this could be used as a cheek highlight? If you like gold shimmer on your cheeks that is.......

Rating: 2/10 (I only gave points because it does not crease and it is inexpensive)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in Plum - Review and Swatch

I just did a search of my blog entries and noticed that I have not ever reviewed so much as one Revlon product! What is a matter with me? So without further ado, let's talk about my favourite lip liner in the whole world!

Honestly, I don't have one negative thing to say about this lip liner line. I have been using the Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in Plum forever. Probably longer than some of you readers might have been alive! This lip liner stays on and the colour stays true all day. You get a good 12+ hours wear out of one application. I only have to reapply my lipstick throughout the day, but the liner is still on and it helps keep my lipstick on for longer than usual too. This lip liner does not bleed, does not feather. It keeps your lipstick in place. The ingredients are not too scary either, which I cannot say for some other Revlon products.

I admit I only ever buy the colour Plum because I love it so much and it is "my colour". One of these days I will branch out and buy another colour. My current lip liner is the old packaging so I better not disgrace myself and show it to you. Also, you can't even read the writing on my current pencil anymore, it is so used and abused. These liners last a long time by the way. I don't wear mine every day, but pretty often and they can last years. Well worth the money. No sharpening either since it is a twist up. Please see the swatch below of Plum which is a deep wine shade.

This product contains something called SoftFlex so it is not dry product. It stays moist (as much as a lip liner can) and it moves with you. Very comfortable. I really feel put together when I wear this liner with lipstick. This has to be Revlon's best product hands down. The liners are around $9.99 Canadian and are probably a buck or two less in the U.S.
Rating: 10/10 (best lip liner on the market hands down and the price is excellent) 
**Update June 2, 2014 - I recently purchased this lip liner in the shade "Pink". I didn't even get 20 uses out of it. The older Revlon ColorStay Lip Liners that I have purchased in the past lasted for months, if not years. I am not sure if Revlon has seriously cut down on the product quantity, but that is unacceptable to me. I am not paying $11 plus for this lip liner when I can buy a higher end one for a few more bucks that will last 10x longer. Also, the packaging has really gotten cheap. The tube breaks and cracks super easily. Still a good product, but you don't get much and the packaging is dreadful.**

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Origins GinZing Eye Cream - Review

I have been using this for weeks in an effort to give you guys a decent review. I was given a rather large sample tube of this product months ago and I finally started using this several weeks ago. I will be honest, I was hoping for great things with this product but it wasn't all that I wanted it to be.

Let's start with the good and end with the bad. The good is that this product is very moisturizing, feels nice and cool on the skin and is refreshing. I think this product makes you feel more awake than look it. I can't speak to the depuffing properties of this product because I don't tend to have puffy eyes (other than what is naturally occurring on my eyelid). In terms of diminishing the appearance of dark circles, I don't see any improvement. I have tried taking before and after photos and when I look at them, there is no change to my under eye area. Maybe there is a slight improvement, but I don't see it. I think it might make my eyes look a tad "brighter" or "lifted" but it does nada for the dark circles.

Believe it or not, I would purchase this product after all is said. It feels great on and it is very moisturizing. I just wish it did something for my dark circles. Few products do much for my dark circles, so until I find a miracle product, I will likely be in a state of constant disappointment. This product retails for $37.50 Canadian and it likely less in U.S. dollars. It is 0.5 oz. or 15ml.

Rating: 7/10 (because it does not live up to its dark circle claims)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Morphine - Review and Swatch

I did a review a while back on another of these pencils. It was on the colour Sin. I gave a long-winded review on it and I think my thoughts on Sin are still pretty much the same for Morphine.

Here is the link:

I am not crazy about this product. This pencil can't touch a MAC Paint Pot. Morphine, like Sin, is not that creamy and is difficult to work with. It doesn't spread on easily or uniformly colour-wise. I also wasn't crazy about this colour. I wouldn't dream of wearing it alone. It is a pink/purple with a nasty opal glow. Please see the swatch below. It actually looks better here than in real life.

I bought this in haste and I regret it. I only wear this under eyeshadows. I actually ended up buying 4 of these all before trying one! I must be mad. I had some free rewards dollars at my local drug store and I went to town. How foolish of me! I will get around to reviewing the other two, hopefully soon.

I find this product a tad dry. The only thing that is great about them is that they are in an easy, convenient stick and don't have parabens. They are $24 Canadian and $20 U.S. Like I said, I have 4 colours and I will not be buying them again. This is actually the worst Urban Decay product that I have ever tried.

Rating: 4/10

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Top 3 Drug Store Mascaras

I've been thinking that I should start doing a series of blogs which talk about my top products by category and also my Go To products. So let's begin today with my Top 3 Drug Store Mascaras!

I always find it disturbingly hard to find a drug store mascara that works "okay", let alone works "well". These three are hands down my choices when at the drug store. For those of you on a budget, or if you just don't believe in spending lots of money on mascara (I hear you!) here are my 3 faves.

1. L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara

Yep, this is hands down the best mascara at the drug store. I, personally, have tried so many drug store mascaras over the years it is scary and yes this is the best I have found. I know a lot of beauty bloggers sing the praises of this mascara and they do with good reason. This baby is tried and true!

I have not tried this mascara in Carbon Black, nor have I tried this in the waterproof version. I am sure those are equally decent, but this is the cult favourite my friends. I have tried a mess of L'Oreal mascaras over the years and this is their top dog. Overall, I would say that L'Oreal makes some of the better drug store mascaras, but the rest of their line pales compared with Voluminous. One of my favourite mascaras of all time was made by L'Oreal - Le Grand Curl. I will at some point dedicate an entire blog to that product, an ode if you will. Sadly, Le Grand Curl was discontinued many, many years ago. L'Oreal, if you are reading this, bring it back, I beg of you!!!!!!

This mascara is nice and thick and black. It volumizes and lengthens like crazy. It even curls your lashes without the aid of a lash curler. The wand is a bit big, but is easy to use, even on my short lashes. I think this mascara will run you between $8-$12 Canadian at most drug stores. Well worth the money.

This mascara does not smudge or flake easily which is a plus. It does smudge a bit on me when I wear glasses, but I have that problem with all mascaras. This one is pretty low smudge though.

There is only one con to this product. The list of ingredients is mind boggling and it contains a whole whack of parabens. For this reason, I will not use this mascara daily. I save it for days when I go all out on my makeup.

2. Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara

I feel a bit weird listing this mascara under my Top 3 Drug Store mascaras. I say that because this is not a cheap product; it's pricey. However, guess where it is sold? At the drug can't buy this in department stores or at Sephora. Depending on whether or not you can score this on sale, it ranges from $13.99-$19.99 Canadian/U.S. This mascara is crazy black in colour. The wand works really well. I would say this product does more lengthening than volumizing, but it looks great on. The ingredients are nice and tame. I feel a bit better when I use it over other mascaras. This product also gives you some curl to your lashes. My only criticism is the price and the fact that when I wear glasses, it smudges like mad! I have no smudging issues when I use this and don't wear my glasses.

I was so impressed with this product that I bought another one of the Physicians Formula mascaras to try. I haven't cracked it open yet, but I will keep you in the loop. I got it for 50% off so I thought I would try it, what the heck!

3. Cover Girl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara

Sorry the picture came out so small. I think you get the drift though. This is my third favourite drug store mascara. This mascara lengthens, defines and volumizes. I don't find that it does much in the area of curl and it does not volumize as well as my Top 2 that I have listed above. It does work though and if you are in a pinch, need mascara and only a drug store is available, this is a good option. The list of ingredients is quite scary and there are parabens in here. If you aren't bothered by such things, then enjoy away!

The wand works well on all lash types. I don't find this product to be super black in colour, but the black is decent. Cover Girl makes similar products in a yellow, pink, purple and black tube. The original in the orange tube is the one that works really well. Don't be fooled by the other Cover Girl mascara imitators. The price for this product is the same range as the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara. I would get that one though before this one any day......

I hope this blog post has been useful for some of you! If you would like me to do more top product blogs, please leave a comment below or drop me an email! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner - Review

I have been keeping this product under wraps for a few months. I really wanted to road test it before I did a review. I have been using Wen for about 3 months now and I am very happy with it. I was very sceptical when I saw the ads on TV for it. In my mind, I didn't get how this "conditioner" would replace both shampoo and conditioner in my hair care regime. Something told me to try it. So I ordered the starter kit online and I got a whole bunch of their products and a comb for $34.95 Canadian or thereabouts. There was also a $29.95 Canadian kit with a couple of less products. It was an exceptional deal as it turns out.

I am on my second bottle of the Cleansing Conditioner. The first bottle was smaller than I one I currently have. I think it was 12 oz. and my current bottle is 16 oz. The first thing I noticed after my first application was how tangle free my hair was. It was nothing to comb my wet hair out and it can be a rat's nest sometimes after I wash it. This product does have a strong almond mint smell. I was a bit iffy about it at first since I am very sensitive to smells, but the smell grew on me quickly and now I quite like it.

I had to use this product a few times before I truly felt that my hair texture was changing for the better. My hair is so soft now. I still have to use products to keep the frizz at bay, but I will get to my other Wen products in other blogs soon. One of them is very good with the frizz war. The best part is that this product does not contain any detergents nor Sodium Laurel Sulfate so it is gentle on my hair. This product does not lather as a result, but it it really does clean your hair without the aid of shampoo. This product comes in other scents. Wen has me on the home delivery program right now and since I live in Canada, they tell me I can not adjust the types of products I receive, but Americans can. I am not thrilled about that, but when I crunch the numbers, I am still saving money buying this product this way over buying it at Sephora ad hoc. It's basically like getting free hair styling products in the delivery when you work it out. I can cancel at any time and start buying it at Sephora if I become displeased with the styling products they send me. They only have a few styling products so they can only get so freaky on me.

My hair is definitely more shiny now. I love travelling with it because you only need to carry one bottle instead of a shampoo and a conditioner. Yes, I like this better than the Moroccan Oil products! It is a bit pricey, but I find that the stuff lasts a good amount of time and I think the ingredients are good quality. I am not going through the stuff as fast as they send it to me, but I figure I can stockpile it. I mean, what if they go out of business???!!!! Ahhhhhhh. I hope not. I have received two shipments so far (the first was a 30 day supply which lasted longer) and now they are set to arrive every 90 days which suits me fine.

At first the directions seem long and involved, but once you get the hang of it, it is just as fast to use as shampoo an conditioner. A word of caution. If you have curly hair like me, I find the best way to fight frizz with these products is not to use blow dryer which is actually true for frizzy hair in general. Air dry your hair and use the styling products on your wet hair and just leave it. You can also use the stying products on dry hair over and over again, and your hair does not get crunchy and gross!

Rating: 9.5/10 (it is a bit pricey)

Friday, 2 November 2012

John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray - Review

Now for a product that really ticks me off - the John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray. A little bit of background first. Years ago, when John Frieda brought out his Frizz-Ease line, I pounced and bought some of the serum. It was awful. It did nothing, my hair was just as frizzy as if I had used nothing at all. Fast forward several years into the future. My mother says to me one day "why don't you try some of this John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum that is on the market?". I told her I had tried it years before with no success. She convinces me to give it another go; after all, maybe the product has improved. So I buy some more. Same crap.

Then last Fall I went to Scotland and England to visit some relatives and I forgot to pack my hair spray. I also had just bought some new gel and I couldn't find it anywhere when I was packing. Soon after I got to Edinburgh, I go into their version of Wal-Mart, ASDA, in search of hair care relief. The selection was horrid. I ended up buying this out of sheer desperation. It is travel sized as you can see. I don't remember what I paid for it, but it was maybe a pound or two. Chump change. It's total rubbish. If you use a little, it is as if you used nothing at all in your hair. Use a lot and your hair gets super sticky and crunchy for a couple of hours. After that, I swear the product evaporates and you are left with super frizzy, fly away hair. I swear this makes my frizzy hair worse! I cannot believe this product line is still on the market. I mean it was launched in the 90s I think, possible early 90s. Insanity. I vow here and now to never buy anything from the Frizz-Ease line ever again. I don't know why I haven't thrown this out yet. Maybe I will put it in the guest bathroom......

Rating: 0/10