Thursday, 23 February 2012

Klorane Soothing Make-Up Remover Lotion - Review

I have some really exciting palettes and products to review coming up so I will try to get to those over the next few days or so. So stay tuned! This weekend is super busy for me as there are 3 birthdays in my family (including mine and my husbands) but I will try to get some more reviews on here in between dinners and cake!

Anyway, let's get to it. I found this prioduct purely by accident about 3 months ago. I saw a small display of them on a shelf in Pharma Plus. I needed eye make-up remover and this bottle was huge! It's 400 ml. I cost me about $20 Cdn. which is great since I normally pay that for half the size. I am a sucker for cosmetics made in Europe and since this is made in France, I was interested. I had never heard of this brand in my life before I spotted this. It says it is hypoallergenic, fragrance and paraben free and it is for sensitive face and eyes. Their website says you can even use it as a cleanser and a toner. Go figure. The product's main claim to fame is that it is made with cornflower water. Their website says:

  • Gently removes face and eye make-up without water
  • 3-in-1 cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover
  • pH similar to tears
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested
  • Fragrance, paraben, alcohol and colorant free

  • This product is very gentle. I honestly forget to put eye cream on sometimes after I use it, my eyes feel that hydrated. I find it does a great job of make-up removal in general, but, like all make-up removers that I have tried, it takes extra work to get all of your mascara off. If anyone out there knows of a make-up remover that takes all of your mascara off on the first cotton ball wipe or two, I beg of you to tell me!

    It looks as though the bottle I have is a special size. The website only shows a 200 ml bottle for this product. It has a pump dispenser for your cotton pads so there is no cap removal involved.  I love that. Quick and easy. Who wants makeup removal to be a pain in the butt. I don't. This product also does not have any greasy oil in it like some eye makeup removers do. I hate that. I think this product is as good as anything on the market right now. When this product removes mascara in one foul swoop, I will give it a 10/10 rating. For now a 9 will have to suffice. I have to get my hands on some more.

    Rating: 9/10

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    1. I just got this product too! It's not necessarily just an eye makeup remover but an overall face makeup remover (eyes, face, lips, etc;). I bought it in Duane Reade and the person in charge of the high(er)-end brand counter says it's pretty good, Klorene is under Avene (another really good French brand).
      To be quite honest, the bottle/pump sold me the moment i saw it. LOL