Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kiss My Face Peace Soap - A Hit and a Miss Review

This review is for the Christmas set I got of the Kiss My Face Peace Soap which are foaming hand soaps. The one on the left is Pomegranate Acai and on the right is Grassy Mint. The bottles say they are 100% Natural Foaming Castile Hand Soaps. I think they were sold in a set because it was a Christmas promotion, but that you can buy them individually normally. They are each 8 fl. oz. or 236 ml. I purchased these from my local grocery store right after Christmas for $4 and change for the set on a clearance rack. I am glad I made the purchase since that was a decent deal. I started using the Pomegranate Acai one first and I fell in love with the smell. It is amazing! I want to wash my hands over and over again. If you are like me, you aren't confident with one squirt of a foaming hand soap, so I take at least a couple of squirts and lather up well. I am probably using more than I should but that is ok. Considering how much I have used, the liquid is taking a fair amount of time to go down even a bit so I think you get decent value for your money. The Pomegranate Acai one is a definite hit. It smells like a fizzy party punch.

Now for the miss. I can not stand the smell of the Grassy Mint one. I hold my breath when I use it. Maybe it's just me and I am weird. It smells like a cross between a meadow, a dentist's office and grandma's smelly glass tray of mints which are located too close to her medicine cabinet. How is that for a picture? Maybe I will put this one in the guest bathroom.......

The product itself is decent minus the smell of the green one. These soaps are not drying. The liquid is clear and foamy on the top.

Rating: Pomegranate Acai 8.5/10
Rating: Grassy Mint 2/10

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