Friday, 10 February 2012

MAC Cook Collection - Impressions and Review

I spent some time at the MAC counter yesterday checking out the new MAC Cook collection. I must say that I showed considerable restraint as I bought absolutely nothing. I think the marketing is cute and there looks like there are some good products in this collection, but I just felt overall that I had enough similar stuff in my own personal stash so I passed on making a purchase. I may reconsider one or two items though. I better not think about it for long as I see some items are already sold out on MAC's website! This collection was only released yesterday. That is MAC for edition stuff sells out like hot cakes.

So in the Cook collection we have 3 gel liners, a mascara, 4 Tendertones lip balms, some pressed powder, two brushes and 3 nail lacquers. The gel liners underwhelmed me. I am not even going to go to the trouble of naming them here. They are all dark greys or blackish at $18 Cdn. a piece. Yawn. I have a lot of dark coloured gel liners in my stash so those are a definite pass for me. I have never tried the Opulash mascara $18 Cdn. Have you? Should I try it one of these days?

I hear that the Tendertones lip balms have been out before but not for a long time. Normally, lip balm doesn't get me too excited. At first I thought the colours were weird but they are cute. I sniffed them and I have to say the smell was out of this world. It smells like summer fun to me. The smell alone briefly tempted me to buy one but I held on strong! Lip balm in a jar doesn't do it for me. I don't want it leaking in my purse and I hate sticking my finger in things I apply to my lips especially while on the go. The colours are Tread Gently (lime green yellow pearl), Purring (orangey), Hush, Hush (mix of a gold and skin tone colour) and Hot 'n' Saucy (cherry red). If I had to buy one of these it would be the Tread Gently or Hot 'n' Saucy. They are $18 Cdn.

There are a couple of shades of the Careblend Pressed Powder. Yawn. MAC powders do nothing for me usually and this one is $28 Cdn. There are two brushes in this collection - 211 (pointed eye liner brush) and the 129SH (short handle powder brush). I have various versions of the 211 from other brush brands and I have the regular handle 129 so I am covered. Finally, there are 3 nail lacquers - Al Fredo (hot yellow), Kid Orange (hot orange/red) and Salad Dressed (green blue). Salad Dressed is the most interesting but I would likely never wear it so I will pass. They are $19. The Shop collection was more interesting in my opinion. I will post that blog shortly. TiffanyD has a lot of swatches on her blog and of course you can check out if you are interested.

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