Sunday, 26 February 2012

Aveda Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpturing Gel - Review

I finally finished my current bottle of this today. I have had the bottle that I finished today for over 2 years since I wasn't really using it much. This was maybe my third or fourth bottle that I have ever bought. I don't know why I have owned so many because I really don't like this gel. Sounds crazy, right?

This is a maximum control gel which is supposed to add body and volume to medium to coarse hair. My hair is super frizzy without product in it, so if I wear it curly, I need gel or mousse or something to keep the curls in place. I don't know if this product has changed over the years, but I liked it a lot more in the beginning. Now I just find my hair is stiff, sticky, crunchy and looks wet. It looks the same whether I put the product in when my hair is wet or when it is dry. I guess if you are styling a Mohawk or doing some major texture work, this may be the gel for you. I reminds me of the rich woman's organic version of Dippity Do Gel from the 1980s. As I said before, I used it today and I am hating my hair. I styled it straight today for the record.

If you only use a little of this product and you have curly hair, you will still get frizz galore and it still will look wet and be sticky in places. I think I liked this product best when I use to put a little in my hair and then stuck rollers in, but it was still stiff and hard to manage then. I was on the Aveda bandwagon when I first started purchasing this product, but although I still like some of their products, I don' buy much of their stuff these days and this one and I are finally and happily parting ways. Are you every happy to be finished with a product and glad to throw it out? I am sometimes. Especially if I feel I need to get my money's worth so I force myself to find a way to use it. Maybe I am weird. Price is $16 U.S. and about $20 Cdn.

Rating: 8/10 for doing what it claims to (max hold sculpturing - Mohawks please step forward)
Rating: 2/10 overall as a gel since it not for regular everyday hair styling or control

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