Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion A Brightening Face Powder - Review

I bought this a long time ago - I am talking years back. I think it may even have been the first Benefit Cosmetics Product that I had ever tried. The packaging is too cute. Just look at it! How could I resist a ballerina pink powder? I had planned to use this on my cheeks, or overall on my face if I thought it was sheer enough. I no longer have this product due to a series of unfortunate events a year and a half ago which I have touched on in previous blogs. I digress. I didn`t use this product much when I did have it for a few reasons. First of all, the product is super sheer. You could, in essence, apply it all over you face for a nice barely there pink glow. It doesn`t do much in the way of acting like a blush. If I was feeling super girly, I would wear it, but I never found myself reaching for it. It`s the kind of product you would reach for if you were sporting a plain Jane look one day and you needed a little pizazz. It certainly is not something I would reach for if I was going out clubbing. The product doesn`t really do much. The brush is scratchy and useless. The box is cute, but impossible to travel with unless you want a big old mess in your purse. It retails in Canada for $36 and in the U.S. $28. I think $36 is crazy for this product. I am sure when I bought it, it wasn`t quite so steep.

Benefit`s Dandelion also has some questionable ingredients, which they are getting away from in their other products thank God. The ingredients alone made me think twice about reaching for it when I had it. I am sure Bare Escentuals/Minerals or Everyday Minerals or other like brands have a similar product in loose powder for less money and with less ingredients. I did not replace this product after I lost it. I have no plans to. It just isn`t worth the money to me. I honestly don`t think I ever used even 5% of the product while I had it. It never changed colour or got white powder on it. It never went bad as far as I can tell and I had it FOREVER. Now, I keep my makeup out of the bathroom so they don`t go off as fast as for those that do. Cool, dry, dark place and you can keep powders for literally years. This is not the case for mascara and lipsticks though. Those go off faster, especially mascara. I digress. Back to the subject at hand. This product didn`t fade (although it was super sheer to begin with) when I wore it. You get a  lot of product though in the container. For the money, I would pass.

Rating: 5/10

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