Friday, 24 February 2012

theBalm Overshadow the Sexpot Series Work is Overrated - Review and Swatch

TheBalm does not get enough love or credit. They have a variety of wonderful products. Some are better than others of course. Their packaging is genius, cute and it sucked me in. I love pin-up looks and other retro 1940s, 1950s and 1960s looks and they capitalize on that big time.

I own one of their Overshadows, namely, Work is Overrated. It is described as a shimmering pink champagne. In my opinion, it is the nicest of the bunch, although I would love to have the other colours. I might just buy them all eventually. This product is similar to MAC pigments or BareMinerals loose eye shadows only a bit more sheer. You only need the tiniest bit of this product. I have had my little container for about 2 years and I think it will last me forever. I like to pat this on my eyelids over a neutral eye shadow with a MAC 239 brush. It instantly jazzes up any look and shifts it from day to night. You can wear this during the day if you like too. You could definitely use this over a dark eye shadow and hey, why not? Heck, I guess you could wear it as eye shadow alone maybe with a primer but I must confess I have never tried wearing it that way.

This product retails for $15 U.S. and I think it is around $18 Cdn. I bought it thinking maybe it would be a dupe for Urban Decay's Cherry eye shadow but that I would get more use out of this product for various purposes and avoid a lot of the chemicals in the Cherry eye shadow. I wouldn't say it is an exact dupe but it does the job I want it to. I am so pleased with this purchase. It is super soft and kind of cool to the touch. It is not scratchy like some other similar products. TheBalm, or is it The Balm, uses no talc, oil, fragrance, synthetics, parabens or petrochemicals in this product. They are very anti-chemical and have a lot of natural products. I own a few of their wares so I will get around to reviewing them all eventually. Their eye shadows are so soft and velvety! You can purchase TheBalm at Sephora or Pharma Plus here in Canada.  

Rating 10/10 (I love this)

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