Saturday, 11 February 2012

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville - Review

I bought this about two years ago and I used it daily for about 4 months or so before I finished the bottle. I had the Deauville colour. I had a lot of trouble picking a colour because NARS seems to have some really bizarre shades for their foundation. I needed a light colour, but not too light, but nothing as dark as a medium. I have pink undertones, not yellow. NARS has a ton of foundation with yellow undertones. So that leaves people like me in a bit of trouble. I had heard good things about this foundation online so I thought I would try it. I ended up picking Deauville since it was the closest thing that I could find to my skin tone. Deauville is supposed to have a neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones. I was shocked when I looked at the price in Sephora. It was/is $55 Cdn. This retails for $42 in the U.S. Sephoras. A thirteen dollar difference plus tax! I think that is outrageous when the dollar is almost at Par. So I spent the money and I cringed inside.

I preferred this foundation for the first few weeks that I wore it. It seemed more "glowy" in the beginning. The colour was never quite right. It was too yellow. But as time went on, I was less and less happy with it. I thought it started looking chalky and more yellow. I took it with me on a trip to Las Vegas and it started looking cakey some days and I went in spring, not high summer. I also found that it didn't cover so well as time went on. Maybe I needed to shake it a bit more before I applied it. Regardless, I just ended up not being happy with NARS's colour selection and the price was a bit outrageous. I am more than happy to spend $40-$45 on a good foundation, but for $55, it better do some miraculous stuff and this sure didn't. I would not buy this again, however, there are far worse foundations on the market.

Rating: 6/10

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