Thursday, 9 February 2012

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara - Review

I was really into Benefit Cosmetics a few years back. I really like some of their stuff and I think their marketing is really cute and refreshing. Some of their packaging too is really unique. You can tell they put a lot of thought into everything that they put out. They do have some products, for various reasons, which I am not particularly fond of. BADgal Lash is one of them. However, you might find this product fantastic, it just wasn't for me. Benefit has a new mascara out now which is by far better in my mind and I will get to that blog post at some point. All of this talk is putting me in a Benefit frame of don't be surprised if I review a few Benefit products over the next couple of weeks.

My main beef with this mascara is the brush. It's huge. I have short lashes. I had to be very careful when I applied this so that I didn't poke myself in the eye or get it all over my eyelid. It was nice and black and glossy (I had the regular one, not the waterproof one). I didn't get any clumps or flaking, but it did smear for me a fair bit....then again all mascaras do for me when I wear glasses and sometimes when I don't.....

The point is, that I couldn't really get this mammoth brush in there. There is no way I could get to my lashes in the corners. Since I was spending some quality time at the Benefit counter at my local department store for while there, I told the salesman flat out that this mascara was not very good in my opinion. He thought I was mad. He told me that I must not be applying it right. He insisted on getting out a fresh wand and showing me how to use it. He applied it on my lashes with some difficulty and when he was done, he looked confused and said "hmph" and shrugged. He said that it wasn't the miracle worker on me that it was for some of his other clients. There are some questionable ingredients in this mascara too which are not in Benefit's new mascara. I would say this mascara would be better suited for those with long lashes who want volume. For those of us who need lengthening and volume, keep trucking along....... It $26 here in Canada and $19 in the U.S. Not chump change.

Rating: 5/10 (because it may work for some people and it is nice and glossy)

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