Friday, 17 February 2012

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller - Review

I have been using this product for about 10 months. Please forgive my picture as my roller does have a peeling sticker and after 10 months of faithful service, it has been used and abused. This product is suppose to cover dark under eye circles and hydrate and refresh the eyes. It contains caffeine (to wake up those droopy eyes), lemon essence and mineral pigments. Mine is tinted - I think they come in light and medium colours. I don't have a clue which one I have anymore, but I am guessing it is the medium as you never want to go too light on tinted under eye coverage. I think at one time you could get a clear one as well but to me that seemed pointless at the time.

I have very mixed feelings about this product. I have been using it 5 or 6 days a week for the last 10 months. Same roller. They normally retail here in Canada for $20-$25 and they are 15ml. For 10 months and still going, I would say that is value for your money. It has a steel (?) roller ball which is cold when applied to the skin. Quite refreshing actually. The product is somewhat watery compared to other under eye concealers. It spreads evenly, well and quickly using either a finger or a makeup brush. It is very soothing and it does make your eyes look more awake after you apply it. The product must have some type of brightening pigment or something in it because it does cover my under eye circles fairly decently upon application. The problem is, I find after two or more hours the coverage seems to fade away and you start looking tired again (assuming you were tired to begin with). Now this product does not crease under the eye area, even if worn all day. It does feel good on. It is extremely lightweight - it's like you didn't put anything on. Very comfortable.

I use this product mainly during the week when I am going to work and wear my glasses since I stare at a computer all day. That way, it's comfortable, lightweight, soothing and no creasing. It blends in with any colour foundation in the light to medium range. Also, I like to think that my under eye circles are less obvious when I am wearing glasses. I also use this if I am around the house on the weekend and I am just popping to the grocery store doing the plain Jane thing or whatever. I certainly would not use this with full on eye makeup and no glasses. It just doesn't last. Maybe if I had the patience or inclination I would perhaps reapply it throughout the day, but I don't have either when it comes to cosmetics. I want to apply something and have it last throughout the day with no touch ups if possible.

I am inclined to say that this product possibly has a semi-permanent place in my makeup stash. I will likely buy another one. In no way though would this ever replace other forms of under eye concealer. I wouldn't dream of using this while sporting off a smokey eye. It just wouldn't cut it. Maybe if you don't have under eye circles really this could be the product for you. Mind you, if you don't have under eye circles, why purchase this at all.

Rating: 6.5/10

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