Monday, 27 February 2012

John Masters Organics Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash - Review

I bought a couple of John Masters products a few weeks ago. I had heard rave reviews from one of my colleagues for ages about one of their products and also some good stuff about John Masters products online. But before I get to reviewing those purchases, I want to talk about this product. I got a free sample of this body wash with my order. I cracked it open and I managed to get 4 uses out of the sample. This stuff smells like nothing I have ever smelt before. It was love at first sniff. It smells like well, just as it says, blood orange, vanilla and bourbon. It is incredible. Normally, I don't like overly scented things, but this product is out of this world. It doesn't smell chemically processed or fake like most body washes, this smells pure and natural. Talk about waking me up in the shower! Let me tell you, I am no morning person.

This is a sulfate free product. It lathers up like crazy. Rich, creamy suds. You really feel clean afterwards. I love this stuff and I will be buying more. It does moisturize, but not extensively. When I stopped using this (actually the sample ran out) I noticed my skin started feeling drier. You still need to use body lotion after showering with this, especially in winter. Other than that, my only other criticism would be that the smell does not last on your skin all day. That could be for two reasons. One, it's a natural product so it doesn't stick to your skin like some chemical cocktails. Two, not many smells last for long on me. My Mother has told me that since I was child that my skin had that oddity and apparently my Dad has the same problem. So basically, maybe it just doesn't last on me. There is a body lotion that goes with this, same scent, which I must try. Perhaps the combination of the two is the magic ticket. The product is $24.50 Cdn. and if you ask my opinion, the smell alone is worth the money. You can buy this I have been told at The Big Carrot, Whole Foods and select salons. I ordered my products online.

Rating: 8/10 (if the smell lasted longer and if it moisturized more it would be a 10/10)

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