Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lise Watier Waterproof Eye Liner Noir Intense - Review

This eye liner retails for around $18-$22 at drug stores. When I spend that kind of mad cheddar on an eye liner, I expect it to be pretty decent. This one is very disappointing. It says it is idea where Lise Watier got that idea from. It sure doesn't even come close to that on me. Noir Intense is the colour I have and there is nothing intense about it.

The liner glides on smoothly in the sense that there is no tugging. However, very little colour gets put down.You have to repeatedly draw the line. I just don't find this liner very pigmented. Staying power is weak at best. Within a few hours of wearing this, it has clumped, flaked and melted into my eyelids. I use this liner if I am going to work and wearing my glasses. I would not use this eye liner with any self-respecting makeup look or on a night on the town. When I do wear this to work it is with the idea that the liner will smudge itself so that I get  a bit of a smokey look happening by mid day. Sounds crazy but it is true and this is guaranteed to happen. So a little clean up with a tissue to get rid of any flakes and viola! smokey eyes with little effort on my part. Still, there is no way I would buy this ever again. This is a $5 eye liner in $22 packaging.

Rating: 3/10

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