Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tarte Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blush Dollface and Exposed - Review

Tarte's blushes have become all the rage over the past year. They are "natural" blushes infused with Amazonian clay which is supposed to have some amazing properties or some such thing. They are supposed to last for 12 hours. I currently am the proud owner of two: Dollface and Exposed. I have my eye on "Blissful" and perhaps the new "Amused" possibly.

Do these blushes last 12 hours? They last me that time and more. Of course, MAC blushes also easily last me for 12+ hours so Tarte is not a leg up here. In my first two pictures above, Exposed is on the left and Dollface is on the right. For the swatch, Dollface is left and Exposed is right. Sorry to be confusing. These blushes are very nice. Personally, I love Dollface the most. It is easily my second favourite blush of all time. I will review my Top 5 or 10 blushes sometime soon.

These blushes are very pigmented, very smooth and last all day long. You don't need much on your blush brush so I think I will have these blushes a very long time which suits me just fine. Dollface is a light blue pink and Exposed is a nudey pink but I find it a bit orange/peach on me. I think Exposed would look good on someone with a pale honey complexion - a redhead or a blonde. It looks very classy on me but it could be more cool toned for my taste. Both are solid products. The packing is very neat but the amount of product you get is misleading. Each one is 5.6g but it looks like there is a lot more in a compact than MAC blushes. MAC blushes are 6g.

Now let's talk price. Tarte blushes, sold at Sephora, are a whopping $32 a piece. MAC blushes are $22.50 I believe. The price is the only negative thing I can say about these blushes. They cost $25 U.S. in the states so you might be better off waiting for a shopping trip to the U.S. before you pick one of these up and/or wait for Sephora's 20% off sale. Would I buy one of these again? Yes, in a heartbeat. $32 is steep but since I have never finished a blush in my whole life, I think the bang you get for your buck is well worth it.

Rating: 9/10 (1 point off for the price)

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