Thursday, 1 March 2012

EcoTools Loofah Facial Sponges - Review

I bought these EcoTools Loofah 6 facial sponges late last Fall at an Ulta store in the U.S.  Why, oh why, are there no Ulta stores in Canada? I think I have a long overdue rant about Ulta coming very soon and it will be its own blog entry. Anyway, back to the goods. So I bought this for $1.79 U.S. if memory serves me correctly. That's a bargain and a half. I am not sure if they sell these in Canada. I know Wal-Mart sells EcoTools here so I will have to have a look. As you can see, these are little round sponges which swell when wet. You basically apply your cleanser or soap to your face and then buff the cleanser into your face with this sponge. You can apply your cleanser directly to the sponge but I find that doesn't work so well as you get less lather (if your cleanser even lathers ever of course).This is a great product for buffing off dead skin cells and waking up your skin. Personally, I like a good scrub, otherwise I don't always feel my face is clean. Also, when I don't scrub, my makeup doesn't glide on as well. I'm just saying.

I am on my second sponge. I confess I do not use these daily so I am not going through them like mad. I just place one I have used in a place where it can dry so it is ready for the next use. I believe you shouldn't use these when your skin is inflamed and/or in the midst of a breakout. It may be too harsh for your skin during those times. I have used it over patches of inflamed skin and I don't recommend it. It just irritates the area more and makes it angry. Stick to the areas that are calm and in good shape and then this helps the area stay that way or improve. The package says that these sponges gently cleanse, exfoliate and are made of natural material. For a $1.79, hey, this product can not be beat.

Rating: 9/10 (would be 10/10 if you could use it on your skin all of the time regardless of its condition)

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