Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What does she clean her brushes with? MAC Brush Cleanser and Quo Purifying Brush Shampoo - Review

I own a boatload of makeup brushes. I neither have the time nor patience to be washing the same small handful of brushes every 5 seconds so I own a bunch so that if one is dirty, I have some kind of backup brush if I am strapped for time. I am also somewhat of a subscriber to the belief that your makeup is only as good as the brush it is applied with. I own two cleaning products for my brushes: the MAC Brush Cleanser and the Quo Purifying Brush Shampoo. I don't prefer one over the other, although they each have their own purpose. In my mind, I need them both. The MAC Brush Cleaner is $13 U.S. and it is $15.50 Cdn. The Quo Purifying Brush Shampoo I think is around $12 Cdn. I haven't bought it in a while, so my memory is foggy. I am not sure if you can get this brand outside of Canada, so I apologize now to my non-Canadian readers. I am sure there are similar products on the market though in other countries.

As you can see, my MAC Brush Cleanser is getting a bit low. I must run out and buy some soon. This is a liquid product, a hybrid if you will, between watery shampoo and alcohol. I like this product because it is quick and easy and it does a great job. There are two methods with which to use this. You can either apply some on a tissue and then rub/pat your brushes into the wet tissue and then rinse off the brush head. This does work well, but I find you waste a lot of product and tissue this way. You will be amazed how much stuff will come off of your brushes. The second method, my preferred method, is to wet the brush head (the fibres) and then place a couple of drops of this product into your palm with a little water. You then swirl the brush into your palm and a thin lather forms, the makeup on your brush comes off and then you rinse the brush head. Repeat if necessary. I like this product for my small eye brushes. It is extremely time consuming, not to mention using a horrendous amount of product, to use this with large face brushes. It takes too long and it is near impossible to completely clean a large, dirty brush by either method I have described above with the MAC product.

This is where the Quo Purifying Brush Shampoo comes in. A squirt of this in your palm, mixed with water, creates a huge foamy lather than really gets those large brushes clean. You may have to use a few squirts, and really get in there, but this product will clean your face brushes fully and completely, squeaky clean. I often accidentally squirt too much of this product out as it is a thick shampoo and the nozzle really only squirts one amount. A little goes far. Use more as needed. If you use this on little eye brushes, even a little creates a large foamy, gucky mess. It is a pain in the butt trying to rinse this stuff off of a small brush because the product really gets in there. You also waste a lot of product trying to clean small brushes with this I find. So that is why I use both of these products hand in hand. If I travel for any length of time, I take a squirt of the MAC one only though, as it is more convenient for travel.

Rating: 8/10 (for both - MAC is better for small brushes and the Quo for large ones)

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