Thursday, 8 March 2012

If I Could Only Own One Makeup Brush - MAC 239

So I was thinking quite a bit about MAC today (man, I have issues) and that put me in a MAC kind of mood. I have a million eyeshadow palettes that I need to review for all of you, but instead I am going to talk about my favourite makeup brush instead. Basically, if a genie came along, took all of my makeup brushes away and told me I could only have one back, I know which one I would ask for - my MAC 239. I would also likely be very upset and distraught over losing the rest of my brushes and weep helplessly for days. I honestly have no clue what I did before I discovered makeup brushes and namely, MAC brushes. I guess I used those useless little sponge applicators that come with some eyeshadows and those nasty, scratchy, stubby blush blushes that sometimes come with blushes. Yuck! I have no idea how I managed.

If any of you are starting out with a budding makeup addiction and you have no brushes, or crappy ones and wish to upgrade, I would start with the MAC 239. By the same token, if you are on a tight budget, want to start your MAC collection, look no further - buy this brush. It is $24.50 U.S. and $29.50 here in Canada. What a rip on the exchange rate! This really annoys me. I realize that $24-$30 isn't cheap. Some of you might think that is outrageous for this little brush. When it comes to plopping down this kind of money on a makeup brush you have to look at it as an investment. I have been told by MAC reps that one of their brushes, used pretty much daily, should last you about 10 years. This assumes that you do clean the brush at least occasionally and take decent care of it.

My MAC 239 brush above is my second MAC 239 brush that I have ever owned. I had my first one for about 6 years and it was in fantastic shape at the 6 year mark. I used it a lot. Then I had a series of unfortunate events, as I have mentioned in previous posts, whereby I lost every single makeup brush I owed save one, almost 2 years ago. Cut a long story short, I had a fire in my home and my brushes were ruined. The couple of brushes that I had left which were wrapped up and tucked away, which were saved from the disaster, ended up getting stolen from me by the company my insurance company hired to save, clean and store my belongings which were salvageable. If it hadn't been for this series of events, I would still have my original MAC 239 brush and would continue to have it for many more years I am sure.

I have had my current MAC brush for a little over a year and half. This is hands down the best eyeshadow brush on the market for sweeping a base colour onto your lids or packing on colour. You can also turn the brush sideways and use it to put colour in the crease or blend the crease out a bit. It offers smooth application and makes eyeshadow look fabulous on your lids. I have owned brushes by Lise Watier, Lancome, Clinique, Louise Young, Real Techniques, Sigma, Victoria's Secret, Benefit, Sonia Kashuk, Essence of Beauty, Quo, Urban Decay, bareMinerals, Bobbi Brown and the list goes on. No brush on the market, in my opinion, comes even close to replicating this one, much less exceeding it. I have never even heard in all of my online travels, of a brush that is as good as or is better than this one for the purpose it is used for. No brush can hold a candle to it. Period. I will review my top 3 favourite MAC brushes soon so you find out which ones should be your first buys if you are interested in MAC brushes. I think I am also overdue for a review on Sigma vs. MAC brushes. I will try to get to that soon.

Rating: 10/10

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