Saturday, 24 March 2012

John Masters Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel - Review

I have been meaning to do a review on this for weeks. I was looking for styling gel for when my hair is wet and I want to wear it curly. Aveda doesn't have a product that really works for styling my curly hair properly as far as I am concerned. I've heard great things about the John Masters Organics line so I thought I would give this a go. Some of you might have read my blog about the John Masters Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash. I love that stuff!

On to this product. Don't mind the picture above. The bottle looks squeezed up. I think my husband dropped the bottle on the floor yesterday but he is pretending nothing happened. lol. It smells nice. You don't need much product to style you hair so that is a bonus. It is $24.60 Cdn. You can buy it at Whole Foods I have heard and maybe the Big Carrot. I believe you can also get it at some select salons. I ordered mine online. This stuff really reminds me of that nasty aloe vera gel that my Mom sometimes drinks for health purposes. I am referring to the consistency of the product being clumpy. I read the back of the bottle just now and guess what? It is full of aloe vera juice. I guess I have a keen eye! It doesn't have alcohol in it and it is pretty much, if not totally, chemical free. I get lots of body in my hair when I use this. My hair stays fairly soft (but it could be softer) and crunch free too which is what I want. The day after I use this, my hair is still soft but as with all gels, my curly hair is a pain to comb out. My main beef with this product is that after it dries and the hours tick by, the product starts to dry out and you are left with dandruff looking clumps! I was shocked when I first noticed it. I haven't had this problem since I used to buy gel at the drug store when I was a teenager. I have used this product several times and it happens every single time regardless of how much or how little I use. For that reason, this will not be a repurchase. I will have to keep looking for something.

Rating: 5/10

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