Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 577 Mimosa - Show and Tell

This is a "show and tell" because I just did my nails and I haven't worn this long enough to do a proper review. Heck, I probably shouldn't even be typing. This Chanel nail polish was from the Spring 2011 collection I believe and it is limited edition. I am just using mine now. What was I waiting for??? I collect nail polishes and then I never wear them. Makes no sense, I know. I rarely do my nails because most nail polish lasts me one day tops on my fingernails. So doing my nails is a lot of expense, time and hassle for nothing for me usually. I was feeling "springy" today even though it's freezing outside! Brrrrr. I usually stick to pedicures. Anyway, I thought I would do this for something fresh on the menu for a change. I will let you all know how long this wears for.

I am wearing a Butter London basecoat with 3, yes I said 3, coats of Mimosa and an OPI topcoat. This Chanel polish is thick and goopy and it dries super fast. It still looks streaky though if you only do a coat or two. I say 3 minimum. This is a warm yellow with little flecks of gold glitter. Sorry, my pictures don't do it justice. It looks extra nice in the sunshine. In case anyone is wondering, those are my real nails above, they are not fake. I am lucky that I can grow my own. A bottle of this is around $26 U.S. and I think either $28 or $32 Cdn. Outrageous, I know. This is the only Chanel polish I own. I really wanted this colour and thought about it for a long time before I made the purchase. It is a bit rare to find this colour which is why I finally broke down and bought it. Chanel's website is still selling this if you live in the U.S. Some major department stores that carry Chanel makeup might still have one or two kicking around.

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