Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Stila Coconut Crush Lip & Cheek Stain - Swatches and Review

Now for something completely hideous! I sound like an intro to Monty Python. So I got this sample awhile back from Sephora as part of some freebie V.I.B. thing. This is a lip and cheek stain. I have never used one of these before. The idea of a "stain" doesn't sit well with me. To me, a stain is something that sticks and doesn't blend well. One application or kick at the can and then you are done if you mess it up. That was my assumption anyway. When I got this sample, I tossed it aside. Besides the fact that I don't like the idea of a stain, this colour is pearlized (I hate that as some of you know by now) and I thought the shade was, well, ugly.

I saw someone online sporting off one of these and I remembered that I had one of these kicking around my stash somewhere. So I tried it last week for a bit and again today. The swatch of my arm above shows the colour swatched and also blended into my arm (below the main swatch). Looks like a bruise when blended in, no? I think so. This is a kind of beige brown berry colour. The colour reminds me a bit of a nasty lip gloss I had by L'Oreal many years ago. I have applied it to my lips a couple of times. Since it is a stain, it dries fast and it accentuates every line in your lips. It also dries the hell out of them. After an hour of feeling like my lips were being suffocated and strangled, I applied some gloss. Ahhh relief. The stain actually lasted for about 5 hours before it wore off and I ate during that period of time. So I guess that is a plus.

When I first applied the colour to my lips, I thought "ewww what a nasty colour". It then dried darker than it applied and it became a somewhat flattering shade. Apparently, this product is supposed to react to your body ph level and chemistry and change colour to suit your colouring. I found that the "pearl" in it dried and spread out unevenly. I have read this complaint on other blogs too. I apologize for the pics below as they are my cheek and lips showing off the colour. These pictures may be scary for some viewers as I have no makeup on except for the stain to show the effect. Heck, these pictures scared me. In the first photo, I applied it to a bare cheek and it looked like a bruise. It is more reddish brown in real life. My skin went hot in the area and my skin started to puff up a bit and look rashy. It feels heavy and sticky. See below. In some areas, you may notice my skin looks pale pink and pearlized (that's the stain) and in other areas closer to the hairline, it looks blotchy, made me rashy and accentuates every flaw on my skin. There is no way I would ever wear this again. When I wore it over moisturizer and my foundation to work today, you could barely notice I even had anything on. I guess my skin was too far beneath the stain to react with my skin's ph level properly. Good thing too, otherwise I would have rashed.........

Excuse my baby pouty mouth above. It's a life long curse. This is a much better product as a lip stain than a cheek stain in my mind. The picture of my lips does not show the inconsistencies in the way the stain dried unevenly. At least maybe you can see the colour and see how it shows every line on your lips pre-lip gloss. The other colours that Stila has for this product look far nicer than this one. In my opinion, the shade I have is the ugliest. I don't think I would buy another shade of this even as a lip product. I would love to hear though if anyone has another colour in the product and if it looks better on their lips than this one does. This is $24 U.S. in the States and a whopping $32 Cdn. The dollar is almost at Par! That is insane. Do not get me started on the price discrepancy. Also, my tube (which twists up to work by the way) says it is only good for 3 months. 3 months????? What is this, mascara? $32 is a lot of clams for a beauty product that you only have for 3 months and only gives you a hint of colour. You would have to wear this 24/7 to even begin to get your money's worth.

As a cheek stain, I wouldn't touch this again with a 10 foot pole. Also, if it made my cheek hot and rashy, what is it doing to my lips that I don't know about?????

Rating: 0/10 as a cheek stain
Rating: 3/10 as a lip stain

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