Saturday, 31 March 2012

MAC Mineral Mode Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow - Review and Swatch

Mineralized eyeshadow has a spotty track record. Some people love them, some people think they are a waste of space. I'm on the fence. I think some are really good and some are just there or ok. Once in a while though you find a gem, like one. This is the MAC Mineral Mode Mineralize Eyeshadow from the Semi-Precious collection which was out Summer 2011. You may be able to still get this colour at some MAC stores if they have any older stock kicking around (I think I got mine in the Fall and it was the last one left). Failing that, they might repromote it someday (as MAC tends to do) or there is always what I like to call the beauty black market (eBay, Amazon etc.). This retails for $19.50 U.S. and $24 Cdn.

My pot has a lot less veining than most pots that I have seen of this colour. That is a good and bad thing. Some consistency in mineralize eyeshadows which are supposed to be the same colour would be nice. I like the colour just the way I have it. It's a pinky purple greyed white. Most other pots of this colour lean more towards a pink rose glow. I would be happy with either or, but I really like mine. I am amazed how often I find myself reaching for this eyeshadow. It wears well all day with a primer and looks just as fresh at night as it did when you applied it at 7 p.m. It gives your eyes a nice glow. It reminds me of what theBalm's Work is Overrated would look like if it were a pressed eyeshadow. A little eyeliner (I suggest a navy or purple) and you looked polished and ready to go. It looks great with a lot of different outfits. It is 2g and therefore 0.5g more than a regular MAC eyeshadow. Love this product.

Rating: 9/10

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