Sunday, 11 March 2012

Earth to Skin Heel Tastic - Review

If there is one thing I hate, it's dry feet and more so, dry heels. I hate them on me and I sure hate to see them on other people. It's dreadful on a woman and on a man....yikes. Who wants a cheese grater rubbing up next to you in bed? I don't! I swear most men need to keep their shoes on in summer if they refuse not to look after their feet. That is a whole other rant which I will save for another day. As a side note, my husband refuses to be caught barefoot, hardly ever takes his socks off, and wouldn't you know it? He has baby soft feet. Jerk!

I had seen the ads on TV over the years for this product. Sounded like a miracle! I do have two tried and true products (one being Lush Ultrabalm - please see my previous blog post from several weeks ago) which I use on my heels, but I am always looking for a less greasy, longer lasting alternative. Since this is a balm, I thought maybe this was the answer to my prayers.  I was not willing to buy into all of the hype so no, I was not moved to buy it from the TV ad. Then lo and behold I saw this product at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond store a little over a year ago. If memory serves me correctly, I paid $14.99 Cdn. for it. It is in a twist up deodorant type of container. It is 2 oz./57g. It smells like ginger. Not a light, refreshing ginger smell, but a raging, hit me in the nose, ginger on crack smell. My husband complains bitterly every time that I use it. Since I bought this a year ago, and as you see I haven't finished it, I bet you can tell where this blog is going.

There is an annoying plastic cover inside of the cap which seems like an extra useless piece. Maybe it helps lock moisture in??? Search me. I just see it as two lids to remove. The ads show women just rubbing their heels with this "stick" all quick and simple with this "balm", and then sliding into their sandals and going on their merry way. The product is thick, clumpy and messy as hell. If you rub this on your heels, it comes off in bits and chunks. You have to rub the chunks into you skin with your fingers or something. It's kind of like clumpy frosting for a cake. Does it work? Yeah, sort of. It does moisturize, but I find the product doesn't penetrate the skin that well. Sometimes, part of your heel looks dry and white after the application has dried. It will soften the skin, get rid of any superficial heel cracks initially, but by the next morning, the effects don't last. You need repeated applications a few times a day. I don't have the time nor patience for that. There are far worse products on the market, but there are also a few that are far better. I would rather use this than just plain old hand cream because it does work a bit. Personally, I won't be buying another one. I heard that the shipping charges are outrageous if you buy the product from their website.

Rating: 5.5/10

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