Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape - Review and Pictures

Today I am going to review Sigma Beauty's Dry'n Shape. This is quite unique. It is a makeup brush drying and reshaping system an/or tool. It can be purchased from and it is $29 U.S. but I bought mine with an online coupon before Christmas time for $24 U.S. plus tax and shipping. I don't remember what the tax and shipping were, but I remember that it was a reasonable amount.

I have a few of my brushes drying in the picture above. When using this product, your brushes are supposed to be dry in 4-6 hours guaranteed. To be honest, I have waited more than 6 hours and sometimes my brushes are not fully dry. Most of the time they are dry in 4-6 hours, but not every brush and not every time. One thing you can do and I haven't tried it, is to take the case, button it together backwards and dry the brushes upside down (as shown on Sigma's website). Maybe that is the trick? I will have to try that and get back to you. Have any of you tried it? Does it work better that way?

When I used to wash my brushes, before I had this contraption, I would lay them out on a towel to dry overnight. They were not always dry even 8, 10 or 12 hours later. If you forgot to wash your brushes on a Friday night (who does that?) you didn't always have clean brushes for Saturday night's makeup application even if you washed them in the morning or early afternoon. At least with the Dry'n Shape, odds are, if you wash them early afternoon, that at least most of them will be dry for Saturday night. Also, whenever I am travelling, I leave washing my brushes until the night before or the morning of. With the Dry n' Shape, you now have a chance to get them washed and dried in time to be packed.

My main beef with this product is the lack of space for small brushes. I use way more small brushes than large ones and I wash the smaller ones much more often as a result. There is, at best, room for two small brushes. When I say small, I am talking a Sigma E35 or MAC 217 brush. There are no spots in this roll for a MAC 239 or 219 or smaller. I sometimes wonder if I should dry two brushes together so they will fit in one of the slots. I think that is kind of silly though and they may not reshape properly that way. As you can see from the picture above, my MAC 239 and 217 could easily fit in the second to smallest slot and there would be room left! What I like best about the Dry'n Shape is the fact that it reshapes your brushes back to their original shape. Especially with large brushes, this is essential. When you dry them on their own on a towel say, they don't always look so great the next day. The reshaping feature alone makes this product worth buying in my mind. The price is pretty good too I think.

Rating: 7.5/10 (more space for smaller brushes would be nice and I wish they all did dry in 4-6 hrs.)


  1. I purchased it and deeply regreat. Even after 12 hours the brushes aren't dry. The dry & shepe works nicely to shape the brushes, but I had to put under the sun, and really, what's the vantage in purchasing something that only work with a "little" help

    1. Yes, the brushes do not dry anywhere near as fast as Sigma claims.