Monday, 23 January 2012

Maybelline Mascara - Falsies and Great Lash Review

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
For years I have read magazines claiming that Maybelline Great Lash is utterly fantastic and is as good, if not better, than designer brand mascara. Greatest thing you can spend $6 on at the drugstore they always say. I bought a tube of this when I was a teenager and I was not impressed. That was a good number of years ago. I then bought another tube when I was in my early twenties and still thought, "this stuff is crap".

I have very short eyelashes. I need something that works, not just adds a little black colour. I bought my third and final tube of this a little while ago, thinking "man, they must have improved the formula by now". Nope, same neon tube since the 1980s, same nil results. This product does not work at all for me. I am convinced that the beauty editors at magazines have some kind of side deal or something going on where they plug this stuff and get a kick back when sales go up as a result. Not only does this product do nada for me, it always flakes and smudges like mad. Yes, one tube I have tried was the waterproof version......

Maybelline Falsies
I bought this when I was in a pinch one day. I forgot to apply some at home, there was no mascara in my purse and I think I had somewhere I had to go that day and it was preferable that I looked my best. So this was on sale at the drug store and I thought to myself, "falsies, eh? It must do something if they have the nerve to call it that". So I bought it. I couldn't get anything out of the tube but dried up mascara chunks. I tried to apply it and it was like I had nothing on at all. The wand was as scratchy as a cat with rabbies. Once again smudging (don't know how since none seemed to go on) and flake city. I tried it again on two other days to make sure I was not imagining things. Ditto again and again. I tossed it in the trash. I decided then and there that I will never purchase another Maybelline mascara. This stuff is beyond the pits. They have nerve putting this stuff on the market.

Rating: 0/10 (worst mascara I have ever tried)

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