Friday, 27 January 2012

MAC Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack - Review

The MAC Penultimate Eye Liner is only good for the trash as one of my friends would say. I am actually dumbfounded that MAC still peddles this crap. I bought one of these last year. It is supposedly a good product for beginners to use. I am not a novice at applying eye liner by any means, but hey I know I have room for improvement. If you are a novice, you better learn fast with this product because you won’t have this puppy for long.

I had this product for 3 weeks and it went dry as a bone. I did not use it every day during that period of time. I would say I used it between 6-8 times. It has a felt tip and like I said, it went bone dry. This product is $21. Not chump change. I would happily spend the money if this was a decent product that lasted any length of time. Also, this is by MAC. Come on, they can do way better than this!

After making this diabolical purchase, I looked online for reviews and quickly learned my mistake. I should have checked it out online first and saved my $. Sometimes though you have to see it to believe it. The insta dry out is apparently common phenomenon with this product. Some tips to make it last longer included taking the tip out and reinserting it. What a mess that was as the previously inserted part was still wet and jet black of course. I tried this technique and it didn’t make much difference. I asked a girl at the MAC counter what the deal was with this thing. She freely admitted that a lot of people complain about this product and aren’t happy with it. Her suggestion was to remove the tip and reinsert it backwards thus dipping the tip into the reservoir. So I did that. Got maybe another 3 uses out of it and it was tough going drawing the lines on. Never again! I have already returned this product in a baggie with other empties to their Back to MAC program and got my free eyeshadow.

Rating: 1/10 (1 because it worked decently for that whole 5 minutes)

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