Monday, 30 January 2012

MAC Miss Piggy Pink Eye Shadow - Review and Swatch

 I recently purchased this eye shadow online. MAC, for some reason, refused to sell this new release at their counters. It was online only. After testing this out a few times, I can see why they made that decision. They wouldn't sell many of these if a tester was available.

I had to have this because as a child I loved The Muppets and who doesn't like Miss Piggy. The colour is very unique for an eye shadow and it matches my memory of Missy Piggy's 70's eye shadow perfectly. This is a medium blue pink. The colour is too dark, in my opinion, to wear on your lid, at least if you are fair skinned. I have tried this over a couple of nude coloured eye shadow bases and it is still too much. Maybe if paired with a white cream shadow base it could be more wearable. Haven't tried that yet. Or maybe in the crease or to blend out a harsher colour might work. This is a hard one to deal with. The container says it is frost. It is not even close to a frost. It is barely a satin.

I did check online before I bought this and the reviews said that the colour payoff and pigmentation were bad. I had to have it anyway, "damn the critics", I said! How foolish of me. The swatch below was only possible (and I realize it is a sucky swatch) after I feverishly swirled my clean finger into the pot 3 times. Yes, I said 3 times. It takes some patience to apply this colour too. Much patting is necessary. Blend the edges lightly or you will lose the colour.

For MAC, this has got to be one of their worst bombs ever in terms of eyeshadow. Other than the neat colour and the Muppet association, they've got nothing with this one.

Rating: 3/10

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