Friday, 27 January 2012

MAC (Make-Up Art Cosmetics) Overall Review - The Good, The Bad and the Nasty

MAC is my crack. If you were to lock me up for the night in a room filled with MAC cosmetics, it would be akin to locking up an alcoholic in an LCBO store (liquor store) overnight. I love MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics) a lot. Way too much for my own good. I have a serious addiction to their eye shadows in particular - a solid 9/10. I have to force myself to walk past the MAC counter every time I am in the Bay. I have issues, I know. However, I plot my purchases well in advance, so sometimes I show considerable restraint. I rarely make an impulse buy. I stalk the online info of their new collections before they are released. I pay attention to the reviews of a few trusted makeup gurus who get their hands on this stuff before it is available to the public. I have even been known to go for 2 or 3 months and buy nothing from MAC. At the moment, I believe I have gone a whole month with no purchases from MAC and I am planning to go at  least another month. I am well stocked up and any new additions would be a bit greedy and excessive on my part.

I am usually on top of every new collection they bring out and decide quickly if I will love or leave each new release of products. What is perhaps most disturbing, is that I have been told before by MAC artists that my knowledge of their line of products is far superior to theirs. They always look at me like I am a plant from head office spying on them when I ask them about specific colours and collections. I remember colour names that are discontinued and most of the artists can only hope to remember some of these names one day when they do a repromote to jog their memory.

I am in no way being endorsed by MAC. I wish I was. Think of the freebies! Every product that you see on my blog was purchased by me and/or I got free by recycling 6 empty MAC containers from the Back to MAC program. MAC is a very successful Canadian company as many of you know and that is something to cheer about.

For every bad product that MAC puts out, they have another 2 that are fabulous. I will probably dwell more on their bad products on my blog because I think that is more constructive. The alternative is to rant and rave about all of their good products until the cows come home. Fear not, I will definitely show off my faves to you at some point.

Now for the nitty gritty summary of MAC. This is strictly my opinion only.

Loves – Eye Shadows, Paint Pots, Gel Liners, Lip Liners, Pencil Eye Liners, Pigments, Some Mascaras, Blush, Highlighters, Concealers

Do not Love – Lipsticks, Foundations, Face Powders, Liquid Liners, Lip Gloss, Skincare, Some Mascaras

I will get into the loves in more detail in separate blogs. Some quality time needs to be dedicated to that.

MAC Lipsticks are ok. I would give them a 5/10. They are not overly moisturizing, I don’t like this particular vanilla smell that they have, they don’t last long without need to reapply and frankly their colours are weak. By weak I mean they have a lot of nudes and bland colours. That’s just not my bag. You may as well wear lip balm as far as I am concerned and save the cash. Don’t get me wrong, I own at least a dozen or more MAC lipsticks. Most of them were free from the Back to MAC recycling program. I do wear them, I just don’t dig them. They only have a few neat colours but frankly there are far superior lipsticks on the market.

MAC Foundations and Face Powders do not impress me. They have recently brought out some new stuff lately, which I haven’t tried, so I will reserve judgement on those. I find though in general that they are thick, cakey, and feel heavy on the face. They are not moisturizing. No dewy glow here. Even the cult favourite, the Mineral Skinfinshes, are substandard as far as I am concerned. It cakes if you put on too much and a little doesn’t do anything.

MAC Liquid Liners suck….don’t get me started. I will save this for another blog.

MAC Lip Gloss and Lip Glass for the most part are not great. They have really neat and exceptional colours though. Some are sticky, smell bad and are full of some nasty ingredients. There are exceptions. The newer creamsheens are a refreshing addition to their “lip goo” line.

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