Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Plum - Review

I heard about this product through TiffanyD's website. Actually, she was going on about how much she loved the Rose one, but when I went to Sephora it was slim pickens and I could only secure a smaller sized gift set which contained the Plum one. I love this product!!!!! This is the perfect colour for me. I have brown eyes, brown hair and fair skin so this colour is just up my alley. I love it so much it does not leave my purse and I am not even willing to try the other 3 colours I have now acquired from this line. Okay, of course I will try them eventually.

This product has a decent amount of tint in it so it can pass for a sheer coloured lipstick. This is perfect for running errands or sprucing up your lipstick when it faded throughout the day. The packaging is a kind of tin style plastic. Actually, I am not sure what this material is but it looks good. You can tell Fresh put a lot of thought into this. The lid and base are screw so it can't come apart and create havoc in your purse. How perfect is that?

The only drawback is the price. I think the full sized ones are $26. Yeah, ouch. That is steep for lip balm, but I look at it as a hybrid lipstick/lip balm. Smells amazing. A good way to try them if you are interested is by purchasing one of the smaller sized gift packs like I did around Christmas time to save some coin and get a variety. Sephora has a couple of different sets available still. 

Rating: 9/10 (price is steep)

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