Friday, 27 January 2012

MAC Studio Tech - Review

I bought a couple of these about 10 plus years ago when I was more into fast food make-up. What I mean by that is that I was more into buying make-up for quick, on the go application out of necessity than I was into the "craft" of make-up if that makes any sense. This was the kind of stuff that I would splash on in the car if I was running late or on the Go Train (commuter train). I never loved it but it suited my purpose at the time. 
Fast forward to Fall 2011. I picked one of these up as I was going to the U.K. on a trip and I thought this will be great to use on the airplane so I can touch up before I get off of the plane after a painful, sleepless overnight flight to greet my relatives. I am not sure if the formula has changed, but this animal is worse than the first couple I bought 10 years ago. The price has also gone through the roof. It's now $36.50. Even if this was an amazing product, which it is not, that is too steep for the precious amount of product that you get. You could seriously blow through one of these in under a month if you used it daily. When I pay $40 or $50 bucks for foundation, that bottle better last me for at least 3 plus months.
When I was a little girl, my Dad always teased me with a certain nursery rhyme. The rhyme was this, "Not last night, but the night before, three big tom cats came to my door. One with a fiddle, one with a drum, and one with a pancake stuck to his bum". I always laughed and told my Dad he was crazy. I mean how ridiculous, why would a cat be walking around with a pancake stuck to his bum? It was not until last Fall that I finally could appreciate how that cat must have felt. This product feels like a pancake stuck to your face!
This stuff is heavy feeling like a mud mask. I could actually feel my skin screaming for air. Whatever is in this product makes my face sweat like crazy. So guess what? You end up reapplying every 2 hours since it starts sliding down your face with the beads of sweat. Horrible!
Rating: 1/10 (1 point for neat, on the go packaging)

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