Sunday, 29 January 2012

Victoria's Secret VS Makeup Lip Liner Nude Plum - Review and Swatch

I have had this lip liner kicking around my makeup bag for God knows how long. I had $10 worth of rewards points or something from Victoria's Secret (VS) a long time ago so I put it towards this. I got it during a trip to Buffalo. Now VS makeup gets little to no love out there in the makeup world. Their stuff is nothing fantastic, nor is it terrible, so I can see why. I believe they no longer make "nude plum", the colour I have, anymore. Like I said, this liner I have is ancient. It has been through thick and thin with me and now it is a lowly stump which is just about ready for the trash. I think this liner though could speak as a general review of VS lip liners since I have used pretty much the whole thing. I have a bet going on with myself that I will use it all within the next 2 weeks.

The colour I have is a nice shade. Works well with a number of my lipsticks and glosses. The pigmentation is very decent. The price is not crazy, but is not super cheap either. It is $12 U.S. The colour does last a respectable amount of time on my lips. Just as long, if not longer, than many other brands.

I have two complaints about this liner though. Sometimes the liner gets hard if it is not freshly sharpened, and you have to press a bit to get it on. Also, I don't think the physical construction of the liner is the best. Maybe it's made in a sweat shop somewhere. There is a lot of ridiculous space between the product and the wood pencil shell. Therefore, not only does it wobble around inside of the pencil sometimes, the liner falls out or breaks off sometimes. That drives me batty. For that reason alone, I will not rush to by another. Also, they don't make this colour anymore so my interest has waned.

Rating: 6/10

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