Monday, 17 December 2012

Tarte for True Blood Collector's Palette - Review and Swatches

This is likely my most overdue blog ever! I bought this last year and I love it. I have never seen one episode of True Blood in my life (how embarrassing). Is the TV show any good? I have always liked vampires (before they were cool) and I think deep down there is a little goth in me. My husband says he has seen my dressed all in black pictures from high school....ahem.

Anyway, I bought this palette because I thought it looked cool, the eyeshadows swatched wonderfully and I thought it was an all around good deal. I think I paid $68 Canadian maybe? I think it was around $56 U.S. at the time Sephora was peddling it. I swear to all of you, Tarte's website had this palette on clearance just a few days ago (I was trying to decide whether it was relevant to do this blog post now). Tarte's website is a nightmare to navigate. Their search function is total crap. I found this palette on there by accident, maybe you will too. I think they had it on for $45 U.S. which is a blazing steal people! If they don't have it anymore, I apologize profusely for psyching you all up in vain. I checked and they have one for sale for $105 U.S. Is that crazy or what?

There are 17 eyeshadows in this palette. I love the colours and I can honestly say this is the best "colourful" palette that I own. The palette also comes with Tarte's now discontinued Deluxe Lifted natural eye primer with firmatol. I got addicted to that product because of this palette. The palette also contains a Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and a Full-Sized EmphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner. Sorry, but I used the mascara and chucked it a while back so I can't show it to you in the picture above. The mascara wand was bushy and scratchy. I would say it was a 4/10 product at best. Will not repurchase. Bloggers go on about how wonderful the EmphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner is. I don't like it. That's just my personal opinion, you might think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is very black, very pigmented and it goes on thick, rich and dark. It stays on super dark all day long. It does tend to smear or run on me and when it gets in your eye....ahhhhhhh. I have read from other bloggers that if you wear contacts (like me) or you have sensitive eyes (like me), this may not be a good product to use. Since it is a flat twist up pen, I find that the product comes out too thick and it is hard to control. There is no fine point to this pen. It is thick lines or nothing. Not for me.

The eyeshadow colours have neat names. They are from left to right, top to bottom, in the picture above and the swatches below, The Light, Fairy, Dusk, Dawn, Werewolf, Waitress, Nocturnal, Charmer, Glamour Me, Stake, Bayou, Telepath, The True Death, Immortal, Moss, Legend and "V". They are all really pigmented and I can not stress how gorgeous they are. They are not at all chalky. They blend like a dream and are soft and silky. They wear well all day and do not fade. Some are a little glittery, but I don't mind. They are not obnoxiously glittery.

My favourite eyeshadows are The Light (nice eyelid sheer wash colour or highlighter), Dusk (gorgeous pinky nude brown), Werewolf (one of the best browns I have ever seen), Nocturnal (the swatch does not do it justice fabulous navy), Glamour Me (sweet dark plum - one the best I have ever seen), Stake (fantastic out of this world dark grey), Telepath (sparkling rose to die for), The True Death (just look at that silver swatch!!!!), Moss (emerald green from heaven), and "V' (neat colour). Um I think I just named most of them....

This guide comes with it and contains some suggested "looks". I have tried the "looks" and they are just okay. I can put better looks together with this palette myself. The information says that this product is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrance. Each eyeshadow is 2g or 0.07 oz. which is bigger than a one MAC eyeshadow. Bargain city!

Rating: 9/10 (I don't like the mascara or the eyeliner but otherwise this is an easy 10/10)

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  1. Love the corset design. They eyeshadows look pigmented. Thanks for the swatches.