Sunday, 9 December 2012

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer - Review

I know some people have been raving about this product online. So much so that I had to buy one. I normally have an aversion to most drug store makeup, but I thought for a few bucks, hey, I had to satisfy my curiousity. My curiousity has now been satisfied. This will not be a repurchase for me. My skin can be sensitive, and drug store makeup and my skin are usually not the best of friends. I bought this on sale for about $5.99 Canadian I believe. I think at full price this can cost you up to $10.99. Which is  a decent price for concealer. I bought mine in the shade 20 Light. The colour selection is abysmal. They only have Fair, Light and Medium. They also sell a Neutralizer and a Brightener. Since Medium was the darkest colour, and my skin is not medium toned, I bought Light. I think Light may have been too light for my dark circles. Maybelline's website says that the Neutralizer should be used on really dark circles. Maybe that is what I should have bought, but we will never know since I won't be buying it. If you are on a budget, don't have super dark circles, aren't fussed about ingredients and do not have sensitive skin, this may be ok for you.

All of this being said, the product blends well and the Light did not look too light on when blended, but I found the coverage to be average at best. It was not out of this world. Please. After a few hours, the product does start feeling dry and itchy on. It also starts to crease after a few hours on me. This is good for a quick swipe and blend, out the door for 3 or 4 hours for coffee type of deal. The product does not feel dry to the touch but it feels that way on the skin, to me at least, after you have been wearing it for awhile. I would imagine that you would blast through a tube of this stuff in no time. I have used this product 3 times and you can tell from my picture above how much the product has already gone down. That's scary.

The tube has a sponge applicator and it says it contains Goji Berry + Haloxyl. Now I hope you are sitting down while reading this. The ingredients in the product are SCARY. I did not feel good about putting this on my skin. I took a picture of the list because it was too long to type. Do you blame me? Hope you can read this.


Rating: 5/10 (and this is being generous due to good price and it will work well or ok for some)

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