Saturday, 15 December 2012

MAC Wedge vs. Cork Eyeshadow - Smackdown and Swatches

                                    Left Wedge, Right Cork

Ever since I started to get into MAC eyeshadows big time, I was plagued with the ongoing debate - Wedge or Cork??? So I bought both. That was unnecessary. A lot of online bloggers will tell you that you don't need both just get one or the other. I see their point, but it's not as simple as rolling the dice and picking one. This duo, although they look similar, are different. I would say that depending on your colouring, you should pick the one that is more suited to you and not bother with the other one. Figuring out which one is better for you is the slightly tricky part.

Personally, for my colouring, I prefer Wedge. It's a personal choice. Wedge is Cork's cooler toned cousin. MAC describes Wedge as a soft muted beige taupe (matte). Wedge is a bit pinky/purple in its undertones. Cork is described by MAC as a muted golden brown (satin). When I wear Cork I do see a yellow undertone and it is not as flattering on me as it could be. Cork is best for you ladies who have warm undertones. Cork would be great on redhead. Hence, Cork, Ireland I guess....

Just for the sake of argument, I took the liberty of also swatching MAC's Malt and Kid for all of you as they are considered similar colours and some of you might be interested in the difference.

                                    Malt, Kid, Wedge and Cork

The swatch on the farthest left is Malt as you can see. MAC describes it as a soft pinkish beige (matte). I do like this colour. MAC used this as a crease colour for the Dita Von Teese look they did years ago. It does show up on me and if used properly, does a wonderful classic 40's eye. This colour does not show up on everyone so be warned.

Kid, which a MAC salesperson talked me into buying (and I don't need it), is described by them as a beige cashmere (veluxe). It's a bit orange for my taste. It is MAC's Soft Brown's lighter cousin.

I hope this has been helpful for some of you. You seriously don't need all of these colours, as they are all similar as natural crease colours or as colours to blend out bold creases, just try to pick a colour and degree of darkness which compliments your skin tone and looks natural on you. I hope this saves you a few bucks. MAC's eyeshadows are $14.50 Canadian for the pro palette refill and $18 in the single compact. They are $12.00 U.S. for the pro palette refill and $15.00 U.S. for the single compact. They are 1.5g or 0.05 oz. each.


  1. This is really useful, I don't own either but if I was to buy one it would be Wedge (for my skintone). I think these colours would be great to blend browns out with :)

  2. Thank you so much for this very useful tip! :)