Sunday, 30 December 2012

Organix Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil - Review

I can't believe 2012 is almost over! Crazy!

I was hoping to do a best of and worst of 2012 beauty products for all of you, but when I started looking over my beauty products I couldn't believe how much bad stuff there was and also how much good stuff! It was overwhelming. I will take another look tomorrow and see if I can pare things down into a reasonable list.

So today I am going to review the Organix Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil. There are 3 ways that you can use this product and I have only used one method so please take what I am saying with a grain of salt. You can apply this in the shower (that's what I have done) and rinse off the product, or you can rub a few drops over your freshly washed damp skin, or you can add a few drops to your bath water. I am not keen on using this in the shower so I would suggest using one of the other two methods that I haven't tried yet.

Why is it not so hot in the shower you ask? A couple of reasons. It's cold outside right now here in the Toronto area and my skin is DRY. I need help. I find that when you apply this in the shower and then rinse it off, obviously, you are rinsing some of the product down the drain. My skin does feel more comfortable throughout the day after I have used this, but I still have dry patches of skin within a couple of hours. I still need to use cream. So to me this isn't doing the job I need it to do.

Secondly, using this in the shower is a serious safety hazard. There is even a waring on the bottle that it may cause your tub or shower to be slippery. That is the understatement of the century. My shower tile floor is like a slip and slide after I use this. It's like someone emptied bottles of canola oil all over the place. I can barely get out of the tub without taking a flip. I rinse the hell out of the tile floor after I use this. I am so worried my husband is going to break his neck or his ass that I stopped using this after a few times. Seriously, if you don't live alone, and especially if you live with kids or an elderly person, I would not use this in your bathtub or shower.

I think this might work a lot better if it is applied to damp skin out of the shower. I will try it and update this review. Hope you are all having a nice holiday if you are off for a few days like me!

Rating to follow.

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