Thursday, 13 December 2012

L'Occitane En Provence Shea Butter Dry Skin Hand Cream - Review

I got a free 10ml sample of this from Sephora several weeks ago. Until then, I had never tried a L'Occitane En Provence product before in my life. I always saw the stores around, but I was never tempted to go inside one and purchase anything. Anyway, I tossed this in my purse since it was the perfect size for carrying around. This stuff is fantastic. I don't get excited about hand cream very often, but this is truly magnificent hand cream. Some of my fingers are cracked peeling (it's getting cold here) and this soothes, moisturizes and repairs them. There is no need to reapply until you wash your hands again. This is definitely in my top 3 hand creams of all time. This product, has 20% shea butter in it. The ingredients are pretty good but it does have propylene glycol in it and some people don't like that. I am just putting it out there. The propylene glycol though is more than half way through the ingredient list so hopefully there isn't tons in there.

There is a very strong smell to this product, but I actually like it. It reminds me of a cream or something my Grandmother used to keep on her dresser when I was little. Some people might not like the smell if they are sensitive to smells or don't like the old fashioned or old world French scents. This is quality stuff though, the likes of which I am no longer use to seeing in stores. This is a definite repurchase. I love the packaging. You can get different sizes of this product to suit your needs. Now I am curious about L'Occitane's other products.....has anyone tried them? I would love your opinion!

A 30ml tube is $12 Canadian and 150ml is $30 Canadian.

Rating: 9/10 (shame about the propylene glycol and it is not cheap)

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