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Top 10 Makeup Geek (MUG) Eyeshadows

Okay, finally, here it is! My Top 10 Makeup Geek (MUG) Eyeshadows in no particular order. I have carefully chosen these either for their uniqueness or for their superior quality when compared to similar big ticket eyeshadows from other well known brands. I have purchased every MUG eyeshadow that I own with my own money. I am not sponsored in any way by Makeup Geek. I currently own 36 MUG eyeshadows of the 69 that MUG makes. That's slightly more than half. I do think though that I own the most popular ones. If you think I am missing a "gem" in the MUG collection, please leave the name of the eyeshadow in the comments section below.

I have now reviewed all of the MUG eyeshadows that I own. Swatches and reviews of all of these can be found on my blog if you are interested. These 10 are my MUG faves and are the ones that I think you should consider getting if you aren't sure which MUG eyeshadows are good bets. So without further ado...



1. Gold Digger - I normally don't like gold eyeshadow, but there is something special about this one. It's not overly warm in tone and it applies beautifully. It's very pigmented and looks awesome on its own with black gel or liquid liner. This eyeshadow gives you a very put together look with little effort.

2. Unexpected - I looove this colour. It's a great crease colour if you are sick of wearing browns and want something different. This colour is smooth and blends like a dream. This one easily would make a Top 5 MUG eyeshadow list if I made one.

3. Sensuous - This may seriously be my favourite MUG eyeshadow. It reminds me of MAC's Trax but this one is a bit more purple, less violet. Awesome in the crease. Applies effortlessly and is smooth and creamy. A must for my eyeshadow collection.

4. Wisteria - Gee, can you tell I like purple eyeshadow....that being said I am not a fan of all MUG purple shadows. This colour is awesome for blending out a blue or dark purple crease. Gorgeous. I do not have anything like it in my collection. This colour is not chalky and is easy to work with.

5. Country Girl - This is a pink brown and there aren't too many eyeshadows out there like it. This colour is just so different. Looks awesome in the crease and makes a change from the standard brown crease grind.

6. Cocoa Bear  - Marlena from MUG raves about this colour being one of her favourites. It's also the nickname that she has for her boyfriend. I am not a huge brown eyeshadow fan, but I realize we all need various shades of brown eyeshadow in our collection to put together many standard looks. Hands down, this colour is the best brown that MUG makes. Smooth, creamy, easy to blend and looks great on everyone. It's a red brown but I don't think there is quite a dupe for it in the MAC line. It's not a red as Folie. This really is a great colour and would also make my Top 5 MUG eyeshadow list if I had to make one.

7. Envy - This is an awesome, magical dark green eyeshadow. The quality of this eyeshadow is fantastic. If you want a dark green, shimmery eyeshadow, look no further.

8. Corrupt - This is the blackest black eyeshadow on the market in my opinion. If you want a potent black, this one kicks ass and is taking names.

9. Poison Ivy - I am normally not a huge green eyeshadow fan but this one is unusual and I love it. It's great for blending out Envy and also works well with gold eyeshadows. The formula is amazing.

10. Cosmopolitan - This is supposed to be a dupe or even an improvement on MAC's Expensive Pink. I don't own the MAC version, but this colour is wicked. You can wear it on its own with some liner and it looks like you slaved away on your makeup for ages. The shimmer is fantastic and the quality is bar none. If you are looking for a "special" eyeshadow that is not like the rest you own, this one is your ticket.

That's my Top 10! I have to say that there were 7 (*gasp*), yes 7, which deserve honourable mention. Here they are.....

From top to bottom and from left to right the runners-up are White Lies, Beaches & Cream, Cupcake, Moondust, Neptune, Drama Queen and Mermaid.

Hope you liked this post! I will do a list of "The Worst of" or should I say "The Most Disappointing" MUG eyeshadows for you later in the week. I will do a couple of other blog posts first to vary things up as some of you might want a change from talking about MUG eyeshadows for a bit. I think I too want to switch gears a bit.

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