Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Makeup Geek MUG Eyeshadows in Cosmopolitan and Sea Mist - Review and Swatches

Okay, before you ask, no, I did not wear these two colours together in a look. I had just worked with both separately over the weekend and was able to get an opinion together so I could do a review! I have a bunch of Makeup Geek eyeshadows still kicking around which I have not tried. What is a matter with me? I have gotten through most of them though and I swear that my list of the best Makeup Geek (MUG) eyeshadows (and maybe a worst list) is coming before the end of this month if it kills me!

So on to the matter at hand. On the left we have Cosmopolitan which is supposedly a dupe for MAC's Expensive Pink. I don't own Expensive Pink and never had so I am afraid I don't have a baseline to compare Cosmopolitan too. It's a rose gold colour which is all of the rage right now. I really like this eyeshadow and I have to say this is one of the best MUG eyeshadows. It will be on my best of MUG list. It's smooth, silky, blends well, looks great on and I have a feeling would look good on just about anyone regardless of their skin tone or colouring. I wore it with brown gel liner and it was "hot" I tell you. I bought this in the compact because they were sold out of the pan at the time. Also my big Z palette is nearly full so this was a good option. I can't think of one con or negative thing about this colour, it is really nice.

In the swatch above I have Cosmopolitan on the left and Sea Mist on the right. Cosmopolitan looks less orange on and definitely rose gold so the swatch does not do it justice on my camera.

So Sea Mist....where to start. Sea Mist is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Aquadisiac. I don't agree on both the colour factor and the quality/texture factor. I love the name of the eyeshadow, Sea Mist, and in the pan it looks pretty. In reality, it's a bit blah and it's chalky. It blended reasonably but I found that the colour seemed to go on thicker in some spots and thinner in others. There were some minor fallout issues. I had to really get in there and blend. I think this colour may be best suited as a lower lash line colour when you have neutral makeup on to give a little "pop" of colour.

I have to say that of all of the colour ranges that MUG has put out, I really am not liking the greens and blues. I find they are chalky, aren't the easiest to work with and the colours are a bit bizzare and unflattering. If you are into wild looking makeup, you might like some of them, but to me, they are just out there. Many of the greens are warm greens and they make me look ill. Maybe it's my colouring, I am sure they look good on other people. They look awesome on the MUG website. I regret that I bought so many greens and blues. I do have another 3 green/blue eyeshadows of MUG's to try still so hopefully at least one or two of them will redeem my faith in MUG's greens and blues.

Packaging: 9/10 (compact looks a bit cheap but the pan refill is 10/10 of course)   
Pigmentation: 10/10 Cosmopolitan  6/10 Sea Mist
Easy to Work With: 10/10 Cosmopolitan  6/10 Sea Mist
Longevity: 9/10 Cosmopolitan  7.5/10 Sea Mist
Colour Stays True: 9/10 for both colours
Texture: 10/10 Cosmopolitan  5/10 Sea Mist
Price: 10/10
Ingredients: 9/10
Travel Worthy: 10/10
Attractiveness of Product: 10/10 Cosmopolitan  5/10 Sea Mist
Would I buy this again? Yes to Cosmopolitan and No to Sea Mist
Overall Rating: 10/10 Cosmopolitan  6/10 Sea Mist

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