Wednesday, 12 June 2013

L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner - Review and Swatch

I am going to cut to the chase today. This is likely the best liquid eyeliner at the drug store. It's super black, very long lasting and fairly easy to use. A tube lasts a good while and it doesn't dry out quickly unlike the MAC equivalent. L'Oreal makes a couple of similar liquid eyeliner products, some of which don't work as well as this one. So make sure you get the right one. You can get this at most drug stores for around $8-$12 I believe. Nice and inexpensive.

I only have one complaint about this product. The ingredient list is not good. There are parabens in here and a host of other chemicals I can neither pronounce nor do I care to pronounce. I prefer not to think about it. My only comfort is that I apply this to such a small area of my body and I also don't use it very often. I personally prefer the look, finish and application of gel liner better. This stuff is great if you are in a pinch and need to look put together fast. It's fairly small and compact. Great to throw in your purse and great for travel. The applicator tip gives you a nice, clean, thin line and you can build it from there if you want it thicker. Here is the swatch.

Packaging: 10/10 (reminds me of the old Maybelline liquid liners) 
Pigmentation: 9.5/10
Easy to Work With: 8.5/10
Longevity: 10/10
Texture: 8/10
Price: 10/10
Ingredients: 2/10
Travel Worthy: 10/10
Attractiveness of Product: 10/10
Would I buy this again? Probably (sigh)    
Overall Rating: 8.5/10 (poor ingredients drag the score down)

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