Sunday, 7 October 2012

Makeup Geek MUG Eyeshadows Country Girl and Razzleberry - Review and Swatches

I promised you guys ages ago to do some more reviews on my Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection. I got a bunch of new ones back in the spring and I have still not tried all of them! Too much makeup, too little time! Sigh...So I finally got around to working with two - Country Girl which is on the left above and Razzleberry on the right. Same order below on the swatches.

I knew I would like Country Girl before I even tried it. The colour is, to me, a kind of rose brown. It is unusual and I haven't seen anything like it. Makeup Geek describes it as shimmery pink brown. It is unlike any brown you probably own. MAC's Folie is a red brown, whereas this is a pink brown. It is smooth, easy to work with, quite pigmented and not chalky. I will keep this one handy for when I want a "different" brown look. It works well with creams, golds, darker browns etc. I do not find it shimmery at all though. It's quite matte on. It sells for $5.99 U.S. for a single refill pot or $7.99 for it in a compact.

I am wearing Razzleberry above. I won't lie to you guys, this one was a big disappointment for me. I was actually saving this one to wear on a hot night out. I decided to try it at home first which was wise. If there is one thing I have learned, try new makeup out on a dry run. Don't save it for a major event or big night out before you try it as it may not look the way you want it to or you might find the colours aren't quite right or work well and so forth.

Razzleberry is described by Makeup Geek as raspberry pink with gold glitter. I would describe it as matte raspberry pink. The colour looks like a million bucks in the pan. It looks awesome on Makeup Geek's website and they say it is one of their more trademark or unusual colours. I want a dress this colour - the way it looks in the pan, all sparkly and stuff. When I swatch it, a little of bit of glitter shows up. Not much and compared to what it looks like in the pan, it is night and day. When I apply it, there is no gold glitter anywhere to be found. The colour is completely matte. I was seriously blown away in shock. When worn on the lid, MAC has an almost identical colour to this called Post Haste I believe. I think Post Haste is hard to get or comes out in limited editions from time to time. The effect is the same though so I don't really find this colour so unusual. The pan looks awesome in my Z palette though!

In Razzleberry's defence, it is smooth, easy to work with and is not chalky. It is very pigmented and bright, just forget about the glitter as it is invisible on.  It sells for $5.99 U.S. for a single refill pot or $7.99 for it in a compact.

Country Girl Rating: 9/10
Razzleberry Rating: 6/10 (it's too disappointing)

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