Sunday, 28 October 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection - Impressions

I got this thick booklet in the mail the other day for MAC's 2012 Holiday Collection. Yeah, I know, I spend too much time at their counters. I was very excited when I got this because not only do I love new MAC collections, I LOVE MAC Holiday Collections. However, after thumbing through this booklet several times and also going to the counter twice to look at the products, I feel very underwhelmed. Today, I am going to go over the Glamour Daze collection. I will touch on the other holiday collections soon enough.

I have scanned pictures from the ad/booklet that I received in the mail. There are 8 eyeshadows in the collection. I know some bloggers are psyched about this collection, but I don't get why. Back to the eyeshaows - yawn. Most of them are very pale and frosted. Many look alike when swatched. The only two that looked like possibilities are Stolen Moment and Round Midnight. Stolen Moment is a greyed taupe and Round Midnight is a reddish brown. These colours are already sold out online and in some stores. There are three fluidlines. One, called Feminine Edge,a pink, had me excited until I saw it at the counter. I wanted to use the fluidline as an eyeshadow base. It is super metallic with lots of glitter. Certainly not what I had in mind.

The collection includes a False Lashes mascara and 4 eye pencils in standard colours. There are 5 lipsticks and 5 lip glasses. The only ones that appealed to me were the pink ones. The pink lipstick is a nice loud colour called Outrageously Fun. The lip glass, Pink Fade, is a nice soft pink. Both are sold out online. All three blushes did look nice. I believe these are sold out too online. I didn't get one because I already have similar colours. One is blue pink, one is a dirty peach and one is a rosey tan. There are two skin finishes and 4 nail lacquers. The nail lacquers looked like the Easter Bunny threw up. Maybe because it is Fall, I just can't get into the colours. To me, these colours are for spring or a confectionery theme. I just can't get on the bandwagon here.

If you are interested in this collection, and you can still get your hands on something, I would say that the blushes or lip products are your best bet. Like I said, I was underwhelmed and bought nothing. A few things of interest were already gone when I got there on Day 1.

Collection Rating: 3/10 (this is for the blushes and a couple of lip products)  

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