Monday, 22 October 2012

MAC Eyeshadows Dark Browns - Review and Swatches

I need to get back to doing all of my reviews on my MAC eyeshadows and get the swatches up. I don't know about you guys, but I am an absolute freak when it comes to checking out swatches of eyeshadows online. Mostly, I like to see what colours look like next to other colours so I can assess how cool or warm they are and how pigmented, dark, light etc. So hopefully my little show and tell and each swatch will be helpful. I dug through my stash and I appear to have 5 dark browns. That is, MAC single eyeshadows. I have a few more browns in MAC duos and palettes, but since those are not necessarily "singles" and are not part of the regular line, I will show those another day. I promise to put some of the colours above, where applicable, next to those other "non-single" eyeshadows so you get an idea of the colours. You never know when MAC will do a repromote.....

Okay, so onwards and upwards. Sorry for the hodge podge picture above. I will let you know what the colours are from top to bottom and from left to right. I am only going to tell you what is on the two full lines you see above, not the colours that are cut off. We have Soft Brown (will show in the Light Browns coming up), Hush (not applicable to today's blog), blank space, Folie, Satin Taupe, Bronze, French Grey and Mystery. I admit that French Grey is a limited edition eyeshadow dating back to I think it was the Danse Collection in 2007. An oldie, but a goodie. I think MAC has brought out a similar colour since then in limited edition formats or perhaps even done a repromote. If anyone knows for sure, please leave a comment below!

The swatches below are from left to right: Satin Taupe, Bronze, French Grey, Foile and Mystery.

Satin Taupe is seriously one of my all time favourite MAC eyeshadows. It is in a class by itself and it is a cult favourite. There may be rioting in the streets if they ever discontinue this colour. It is a frost and is very cool toned. It's super soft and blends like a dream. It has a bit of silver and purple in it and it makes a great smokey eye or jazzes up any evening look. I don't love browns in general, but this is a must for anyone's collection. I have to do a Top 5 or Top 10 MAC eyeshadows list one of these days and I assure you, Satin Taupe will be on the list. Bronze is a favourite for most people. A lot of people like it, and it is a nice colour. It is not my fave because it is warm toned. I do use it though, and it is a good colour for anyone to have in their collection. Very smooth and blends well.

French Grey is a nice cool toned satin brown grey. I don't find that I reach for this colour often as it is a bit chalky, not the easiest to work with, and the pigmentation is so so. It is an unusual grey though and it looks fantastic in the crease when you want a defined, yet soft look. Folie is a red brown. Looking at this colour, at first, I thought I would have no use for it. I have seen Tiffany D use it in a bunch of looks and I was intrigued so I bought it. It is an unusual colour. Whenever I wear it, I am blown away by how flattering it is. It too is very smooth, has excellent pigmentation, and blends well. A must for my make-up collection.

Finally, we have Mystery. It is a satin dark brown. It almost looks black under some lights. It's kind of a brown black. It sometimes is a bit tricky to blend with, probably because it is so dark. This is a super pigmented colour. I have a feeling that MAC makes other dark browns that I would like more. Does anyone have any suggestions?

These are $14.50 Canadian for the pro palette refill and $18 in the single compact. They are $12.00 U.S. for the pro palette refill and $15.00 U.S. for the single compact. They are 1.5g or 0.05 oz. each.

Satin Taupe Rating: 10/10
Bronze Rating: 10/10
French Grey: 6.5/10 (points for being an unusual colour)
Folie Rating: 10/10
Mystery Rating: 8/10

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