Friday, 5 October 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Impressions and The Perfect Cheek Blush Review and Swatch

Hello everyone! I must have been living under a rock or something, because I went onto MAC's website last weekend and lo and behold I see that the Marilyn Monroe collection was already out online and for the most part, sold out. I knew the collection was coming, but I thought it would be closer to Christmas or something. The collection was released in stores yesterday, October 4th. I ran to The Bay on my lunch hour to grab what I could. They were already sold out of 2 of the best lipsticks and a bunch of other things. They told me most of the stores in Toronto and Kingston area were sold out of most things by 10-11am. Crazy! So before I break down my thoughts on the collection for you and do a review of the one product I did get, I think I should say a word on Marilyn.

Ever since I can remember while growing up, Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood legend. I used to not get it, not nderstand what all of the hype was about. I mean this was a woman who died long before I was even born. "Why do people adore and immortalize her?", I would wonder. I have seen snippets of a few of her movies, and not to be rude, but I didn't think they were very good. She came off as most ditsy. Then again, so did a lot of film stars at the time. In my older age, I am starting to understand the fuss. It is not that she was such a wonderful film star, it was that she had such a timeless, classic Hollywood look. Her makeup looks never go out of style. She is famous and infamous for being a fashion and beauty icon. The fact that she died young under a tragic circumstances and led a lonely life at times only add to the enigma that she has become. If she had lived to see old age, she wouldn't be such a big deal now I would guess. Once again, I digress.

Back to the makeup. I think overall MAC did a great job with this collection. I hate that they never produce enough products though for any of their releases. Hardly anyone can get their hands on the good stuff. There were 3 lip liners in the collection. They are all permanent products so that was nice to see. That fact also made me not buy any since I can get them anytime. I already owned one anyway. They are Beet, Cherry and Redd. All of these go great with a red lip. MAC also jacked up the price of these since they made the pencils a bit shinier for this collection. That was also a deal breaker for me not to buy any of them now.

There were two blushes: The Perfect Cheek (the one I bought) which is a pink neutral beige in a matte finish and Legendary which is a pale soft coral in a satin finish. I really liked the look of Legendary, but I have so many similar blushes that I decided to pass. I don't have tons of matte blushes in soft neutral pink beige so that is why I bought The Perfect Cheek. It is a really nice colour and it is not like anything I have. It really brightens up my face and it will be good for winter looks. It is very soft and classic looking. I can totally picture Marilyn wearing this colour. It was $26.50 Canadian and is $22 U.S.

In the swatch below, I have MAC's Blushbaby on the left, The Perfect Cheek next in the middle and beside that The Perfect Cheek blended out on my arm. I was thinking that The Perfect Cheek was a lighter shade of Blushbaby, but when I got it home I realized that Blushbaby is more brown.

The collection has a Beauty Powder in Forever Marilyn which is a peach highlighter. It looked a bit chalky to me and I have tons of highlighters already that I don't use much so I passed. I hear it is nicer on that it looks swatched. There are 5 Nail Lacquers or Polishes if you prefer. Three are reds, one is coral and one is golden. Two of the reds are permanent shades. They are all nice and I can see Marilyn wearing them. The collection has 1 set of lashes, some brow stuff, the black Penultimate Eyeliner (you should read my previous review from months ago on that!), two eye kohls (a black and a white which are part of the permanent collection), False Lashes Mascara (which I still haven't tried) and two clear glittery dazzleglasses. I don't like dazzleglasses so I passed on them.
The five lipsticks were gorgeous. I would have snapped them up, but the two I really wanted were already sold out when I got to the counter. Deeply Adored, one of the reds, was to die for. There are 2 dark reds (Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored), a pink red (Love Goddess), one coral red (Scarlet Ibis) and a nude shade (Pure Zen). I really hope they bring them back someday down the line. Finally, there were 4 eyeshadows. This is the only area where I think MAC dropped the ball with this collection. They are How to Marry, Preferred Blonde, Silver Screen and Showgirl. None are at all that Marilyn in my opinion. No crease colours at all. Three are icy frosted numbers, easily duped by anything similar you have in your collection. The fourth is a blue shade. No one was really buying them when I was at MAC yesterday and beauty bloggers seem to be in agreement that they are not very special or great. I took a big pass on them. So that's it and I have babbled enough. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!!!!
The Perfect Cheek Rating: 10/10

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  1. I really really wanted The Perfect Cheek and I waited ALL this while for this collection to come to India and turns out they never released it here. That was not a good day for me. :(