Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lise Watier Quatuor Millesime Fards a Paupieres Eyeshadow Quad in Les Vins - Review and Swatches

Wow, the title of this product is long. Too long. Lise Watier (LW), for those of you who don't know, is a Canadian company which, if I am not mistaken, was founded by Lise Watier. Makes sense. Their headquarters are in Montreal, which is in the French speaking part of the country. Canada is bilingual. That being said, most of the country speaks English and since we have two official languages, it would be nice if Lise Waiter would indulge the masses here in Canada and put more English on her products and packaging. That's my beef du jour (of the day). LOL. Some of you won't get that or might be ticked off regarding what I said but I am being honest - sorry!

Anyway, back to Lise and this eyeshadow quad. The above picture is the look that Lise Watier has put together to showcase this palette. I snipped the pic from their website and the picture is in every magazine in the country right now that has beauty ads. I fell in love with this look and simply had to have it. It is very unlike anything I have seen marketed in awhile. This is the link for how to get the look:

Lise Watier, you can thank me for the free advertising later. The quad is a bit chunky, as is all Lise Watier packaging , but it looks nice. By the way, I am wearing this quad in the picture of myself on the front page of my blog. I realize my eyes in the pic are too small for anybody to be able to see much detail. Sorry for that. Just an FYI. The reason I bought this was because I loved the colours and the combination of them. Just beautiful. My hope is to be able to replicate this quad with other colours from my collection or sub some out with identical ones in the future. This is part of the reason why I am a makeup collector. If I like a look, I will buy the colours (if say I am not crazy about the product) so that I have a reference for what I am looking for in the future and so I have a record of what a certain look was. This way, no one can fool me with repromotes and the like. Expensive hobby? Yes. I am not necessarily proud of this.

Some of you are probably wondering why in the world would I want to find a match for these colours if I already have them. Good question. I think you know where this this going, but it is not as bad as you think. Essentially, I want to use higher quality eyeshadow to replicate the look. I will still use these in the meantime. I am not daft.

The darker colours are nicer than the lightest one which LW refers to as rose gold. That being said, the rose gold has a certain je ne sais quoi. There I go again with the French...sigh. It's just that theme and time of night I guess. I don't have another colour like it and it really pops and glows over a violet or red base. It is chunky and chalky though. The fallout on these colours was a bit crazy. I had forgotten what fallout was for awhile there until I used this quad a couple of weeks ago. All 4 do blend well though and some are smoother than others. My props on this has to be on the colour ensemble (not again, I can't control myself...sheesh). The cost is $36 Canadian for the quad. It comes with two dual-tipped useless applicators and the ingredients are not too scary. Total product weight is 5.5g or 0.19 oz. which is decent for the money. I love, love, love the vineyard theme. I will let you know if I come up with dupes. The grey colour looks the easiest to replicate. I probably have 5 dupes of this colour in my collection alone. The rose gold is more "rose" in reality than on the swatch below. The show stealers are the blue violet and the red violet colour. I also bought an eyeliner from this collection, but I will do a review on it separately.

Rating: 7.5/10 (the price is good, colours/theme are gorgeous but the quality is lacking a bit)

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