Saturday, 9 March 2013

Quo Brush Cleaner - Review

Hello! I am afraid that this blog post may not be much fun to read for my non-Canadian readers. Quo is a brand that is put out by Shoppers Drug Mart here and I don't think you can find this brand outside of Canada, but I could be wrong.

I recently ran out of my MAC Brush Cleaner and just haven't gone to a MAC store to get more yet. I also ran out of my Quo Purifying Brush Shampoo. I went to Shoppers and grabbed this Quo Brush Cleaner for kicks, just to tie me over until I can get to MAC. I hate this stuff. It smells of tea tree oil and I can not stand that smell. Also, it doesn't work well. I spray and I spray and hardly any makeup comes off of my brushes. This works better on my eyeliner or small eye brushes, but forget about trying to clean a foundation or blush brush with this stuff. It's useless. Sorry, but there it is. The Quo Purifying Brush Shampoo is 100x better. I think the Quo Brush Cleaner cost me around $14 Canadian.

I got so frustrated with this the other night that I literally grabbed an old bottle of Dove shampoo out of my cupboard and washed some of my brushes with that. It worked really, really well by the way at getting all of the makeup off of the brushes! I didn't feel that the Dove conditioned the fibres though so I wouldn't highly recommend this practice. Quo, this was a total bust!

Packaging: 8/10
Price: 6/10
Ingredients: 6.5/10
Works Well: 0/10
Easy to Work With: 0/10
Travel Worthy: 3/10 (not unless you packed some in a separate leak proof container or stood the product upright)
Moisturizing: 2/10
Smell: 0/10
Would I buy this again? HELL NO  
Overall Rating: 1.5/10


  1. I completely agree! I bought this stuff and I was like "am I the only one??" definitely not buying again!!

  2. No Julie, you are not alone. This stuff was total garbage!