Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil - Review

Tiffany D recommended this product a little while ago so I thought I would try it. I always have issues getting all of my stubborn mascara off. The first time I used this, it was a disaster. I got some in my eye and it burned! It was messy and seemed like a hassle to use. I checked the information online and it said nothing about whether or not you can use this to remove eye makeup. I got the impression that other people and bloggers were using this to remove their eye makeup so I was a bit confused. I emailed Boscia and they got back to me quickly and confirmed that I could absolutely use it to remove my eye makeup.

Now the ingredients in this product are pretty good. With that in mind, I gave it another try and have used this quite a few times to remove my eye makeup since. Since this is not a cheap product, $31 Canadian and $26 U.S., I usually save it for when I have lots of eye makeup on to make it worth my while. Since the first time I used this, I have not gotten it in my eye again. Thank goodness. That was unpleasant. This really does work well and gets rid of my stubborn mascara. I do find though after you wash it off that in order to get whatever eye makeup remains post rinse, it helps to used a wet cotton pad or even one with a little eye makeup remover on it. That gets rid of any remaining makeup residue in usually a wipe. The longer you leave this on your eyes, the better it works. It feels nice on your skin and leaves your skin comfortable and soft.

I am a bit lazy when it comes to removing my makeup. Bad habit, I know. I always take it off before bed, but I really should remove it when I get home. I like to quickly wash my face and then use toner on my face and makeup remover to get anything off of my eyes. Quick wipes for me! I find this product to be a bit labour intensive and it certainly is not for a lazy person. You have to apply it with your fingers to dry skin and then gently push or massage it over your face. I find it then helps to wait a few moments. Then you have to wash it all off and you might still need to quickly go over an area with toner and/or makeup remover just to remove what the "wash off" didn't. I do like this product, I think it is unique, but I only have patience to use this on the weekends when I have some time to spare. That being said, I only really wear a good deal on makeup on the weekends, so it makes sense then and works out fine. I would love it if Boscia could event this product in a more convenient format.

Packaging: 8/10
Texture: 9/10 (it's like a thin gel)  
Price: 5/10
Ingredients: 9/10
Easy to Work With: 4/10  
Travel Worthy: 0/10 (not unless you packed some in a separate leak proof container) 
Moisturizing: 8/10
Comfortable/Softening: 9/10
Would I buy this again? Maybe 
Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (labour intensive but works!)

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