Sunday, 31 March 2013

MAC Blue Eyeshadows Continued - Plumage Review and Swatch

Do you remember in my last post I mentioned that I think I was forgetting to include one of my MAC blue eyeshadows, but I couldn't remember for sure? Well sure enough, I forgot one. I forgot Plumage, which is sad on my part since I just used it the other day and that is why it wasn't with the rest of my MAC collection. This is a matte colour which I would describe as a very dark teal grey or navy. It is a very unusual colour. I like it, but I never reach for it. When I used it the other day, it was to remind me of what I thought about it. When I bought it ages ago, the MAC artist I spoke to at the counter told me that it works well with Surreal. I was buying Surreal, so I thought, "what the hell?". I have never worn the two together. Maybe I should one of these days.....

I like to make a wedge with this on the outer corner with neutral eyeshadow on my lid and some black gel liner along my lash line. It's quite flattering and I have been complimented on this look. It looks classy and work friendly but gives it a bit of mystery.

Since I seldom reach for this colour, I was thinking to myself that I should do a blog on MAC eyeshadows that I never reach for. Some I never reach for because I don't like them and others because they don't work with a lot of looks. So that will be coming up shortly!

Back to Plumage. I find the formula is smooth enough and is fairly easy to work with. I should wear it more and I will make an effort to do just that. I swatched Plumage next to Contrast by MAC so that you could er see well a

Plumage is on the left and Contrast is on the right. My skin looks yellow here and I had just put makeup remover on my arm to remove other swatches so the colours look streakier than they should. Sorry! Also, sorry again for forgetting this one with my last post. Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Packaging: 10/10
Price: 7/10
Ingredients: 8/10
Travel Worthy: 9/10

Pigmentation: 8.5/10
Easy to Work With: 8/10
Longevity: 8.5/10
Texture: 8/10
Attractiveness of Product: 9/10
Do I get a lot of use of this Product? No, but maybe I should!
Would I buy this again? Maybe

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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