Monday, 14 January 2013

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm - Review?

I got a sample of this the other day when I was in a L'Occitane store stocking up on one of my new favourite hand creams. I only used it for a couple of nights (that is all I got out of the sample) so I don't really know if I can even call this a review. After I applied the product, the skin area around my eyes felt very dry and tight. It was a not a comfortable or good feeling. Definitely not what I am used to in an eye cream.
I looked up this product on L'Occitane's website and it appears to be a product for aging skin. This product is supposed to tighten and firm the skin around your eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Knock on wood, I don't have any lines or crow's feet around my eyes yet, so for me, this was not a helpful product. I didn't notice any difference in my dark circles, but like I said, I only used it for 2 nights. I have no idea if this product does what it claims to. I guess I am really just giving you my first impressions and some basic feedback on this product.
Based on my limited experience with this product, I know it is not for me, at least at this stage in my life. I don't think I can provide a rating. If you like the skin around your eyes to feel soft and moisturized, I would not recommend this.  

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