Monday, 12 November 2012

Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in Plum - Review and Swatch

I just did a search of my blog entries and noticed that I have not ever reviewed so much as one Revlon product! What is a matter with me? So without further ado, let's talk about my favourite lip liner in the whole world!

Honestly, I don't have one negative thing to say about this lip liner line. I have been using the Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in Plum forever. Probably longer than some of you readers might have been alive! This lip liner stays on and the colour stays true all day. You get a good 12+ hours wear out of one application. I only have to reapply my lipstick throughout the day, but the liner is still on and it helps keep my lipstick on for longer than usual too. This lip liner does not bleed, does not feather. It keeps your lipstick in place. The ingredients are not too scary either, which I cannot say for some other Revlon products.

I admit I only ever buy the colour Plum because I love it so much and it is "my colour". One of these days I will branch out and buy another colour. My current lip liner is the old packaging so I better not disgrace myself and show it to you. Also, you can't even read the writing on my current pencil anymore, it is so used and abused. These liners last a long time by the way. I don't wear mine every day, but pretty often and they can last years. Well worth the money. No sharpening either since it is a twist up. Please see the swatch below of Plum which is a deep wine shade.

This product contains something called SoftFlex so it is not dry product. It stays moist (as much as a lip liner can) and it moves with you. Very comfortable. I really feel put together when I wear this liner with lipstick. This has to be Revlon's best product hands down. The liners are around $9.99 Canadian and are probably a buck or two less in the U.S.
Rating: 10/10 (best lip liner on the market hands down and the price is excellent) 
**Update June 2, 2014 - I recently purchased this lip liner in the shade "Pink". I didn't even get 20 uses out of it. The older Revlon ColorStay Lip Liners that I have purchased in the past lasted for months, if not years. I am not sure if Revlon has seriously cut down on the product quantity, but that is unacceptable to me. I am not paying $11 plus for this lip liner when I can buy a higher end one for a few more bucks that will last 10x longer. Also, the packaging has really gotten cheap. The tube breaks and cracks super easily. Still a good product, but you don't get much and the packaging is dreadful.**

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  1. I just bought this product, in shade Wine and the packaging looks (or feels?) the same as my Maybelline crayon eyeliner :) Which is fine and quite sturdy also, it only cost IDR 60K here in Indonesia or around US$6 :D

    Nice review anyway! ^^