Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in 45 Bold Gold - Review and Swatch

As some of you know I have already done 2 reviews on 2 other Maybelline Colour Tattoo colours. This one, 45 Bold Gold, is so far the worst of the batch. My reviews on the other two, Bad to the Bronze and Edgy Emerald are linked below:

I have a fourth one to try so hold on to your hats folks! Bold Gold should be called No Gold. It has the worst payoff of any product that I have tried in months. It swatches quite well which is disturbing, but when applied to my eyelid, it becomes instantly sheer and the coverage does not appear buildable. Here is the swatch:

Then we have reality. I have tried applying 3 coats if you will and it makes no difference. I have tried it with and without eyeshadow primer. This product on its own does not crease by the way. This is one of the few bonuses. I got this on sale for $5.99 at my local drug store and it is not really even worth that. I am wearing three coats on the picture below. Prepare to be shocked.

 It's like I am wearing nothing at all! You get a little shimmer action, but that's it. Hardly worth applying. Does Maybelline not test their products before putting them on the market? Is this a joke? Am I on candid camera? I am going to go ahead and recommend that you don't buy this colour. The other Color Tattoos that I have bought have far better pigmentation. Maybe this could be used as a cheek highlight? If you like gold shimmer on your cheeks that is.......

Rating: 2/10 (I only gave points because it does not crease and it is inexpensive)

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  1. Ditto.. can't seem to get bold gold to work at all. Been searching the Web for inspirations that's when I found your blog...